Aalto University Student Union owns approximately 2 500 apartments that are rented to AYY members. Here you can find all the regulations guiding AYY housing services and information on how to apply for AYY apartments.

Anything having anything to do with situations when already living in AYY apartments can be found on Living.ayy.fi. There you can find the contact information for Castle Wardens or info on what to do if there’s a problem in an AYY apartment.

For the latest news and information about housing, check (and like!) AYY Housing page on Facebook.

If you have any questions about housing, please contact AYY’s Housing Office.

Students will be moved under the general housing allowance on the 1st of August 2017, meaning that the entire household’s income will affect the amount of the allowance. On AYY’s website you can find the specific instructions for applying. The instructions apply to AYY tenants.
Read more: Changes in 2017 regarding general housing allowance as an AYY tenant

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