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Otakaari 11, Espoo (1. krs)
Hämeentie 135 C, Helsinki
Asuntotoimisto ja kassa
Otakaari 11, Espoo (2. krs)

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AYY Events

Are you missing a kesäheila? Do you wait for the long summer days? Summer will be officially kicked off as KY, Prodeko, LKS and Pykälä organise an interdisciplinary summer opening party! The evening includes playful activities such as horizontal bungee, gladiator duel, beerpong and flip cup tournaments as well as a stand-up gig by Ilari Johansson! ... See MoreSee Less

Have You Met Suvi?

27.5.17, 18:00 - 28.5.17, 03:00

***Scroll down for Finnish description*** The sun is shining and days are getting longer: It’s time to kick off the summer! Have You Met Suvi is an interdisciplinary summer opening party that is organized by four student organizations, KY, Prodeko, LKS and Pykälä. The party will be held at Kaivohuone but on top of the club party, we are going to have a bunch of playful activities outside. The evening will be topped off when stand-up comedian, Ilari Johansson takes the stage at 9.30 pm! What is included? - Gladiator Duel - Sumo Suits - Horizontal Bungee - Beerpong and Flipcup tournament (registration link published later) - Photo Booth - Ilari Johansson’s stand up show (please note that the gig is in Finnish) The online ticket sales start on Monday May 8th. bailataan.fi/events/b109ed67-dd6f-44a8-bf9d-58a78477f375 KY ticket sales: Wednesday May 17th, 11.30-13.00, Otakaari 1, U-wing lobby Monday May 22nd, 11.30-13.00, Töölö campus, main building lobby LKS ticket sales: Wednesday May 17th 12.00-13.00 Mocsu Thursday May 18th 11.00-12.00 Kandihuone, Ruskeasuo WHAT: Summer opening party WHERE: Kaivohuone, Iso Puistotie 1, Helsinki WHEN: Saturday, May 27th, 6pm PRICE: 8 € WHY: Interdisciplinary friends & Summer <3 DC: Casual, summer vibes ______________________________________________________________________ Haven’t You Met Suvi? Ei hätää! Kesän kick-off on vasta edessä! Kesä hurahtaa virallisesti käyntiin lauantaina 27.5, kun opiskelijajärjestöt KY, Prodeko, LKS ja Pykälä yhdistävät voimansa ja laittavat pystyyn poikkitieteelliset kesän avajaiset! Iltaa vietetään Kaivohuoneella, mutta tavallisten baaribileiden lisäksi tarjolla on hauskaa ohjelmaa ja järjestöjen välisiä kisoja. Rennon illan kruunaa stand up -koomikko Ilari Johanssonin show! Baarin ja huikean seuran lisäksi - Gladiaattoripeli - Sumopukuja - Juoksubenji - Beerpong ja Flipcup -turnaukset (ilmoittautuminen myöhemmin) - Photo Booth -kuvauskoppi - Stand up -koomikko Ilari Johansson (show alkaa klo 21.30) Lipunmyynti verkossa alkaa maanantaina 8.5. klo 12.00 bailataan.fi/events/b109ed67-dd6f-44a8-bf9d-58a78477f375 KY:n lipunmyynnit: Keskiviikko 17.5, klo 11.30-13.00, Otakaari 1, U-siiven aula Maanantai 22.5, klo 11.30-13.00, Töölön kampus, päärakennuksen aula Lääkiksen lipunmyynnit: Keskiviiikkona 17.5. 12.00-13.00 Mocsu Torstaina 18.5 11.00-12.00 Kandihuone, Ruskeasuo MITÄ: Kesän avajaiset MISSÄ: Kaivohuone, Iso Puistotie 1, Helsinki MILLOIN: 27.5 kello 18 HINTA: 8€ MIKSI: Poikkitieteellinen seura & kesä <3 DC: Casual, ripaus kesää


Roosa Mähönen jakoi henkilön EnerKY kuvan ryhmälle AYY Events. ... See MoreSee Less

Join enerKY for a summer-kick off run after hours spent inside studying for finals. We will go for an easy warm-up followed by running drills and interval work. It is a great workout for runners of different speed as the interval times and recoveries can be adjusted accordingly! How strenuous the workout is depends on your effort. Reserve 90 minutes to get in some much needed stretching afterwards. WHAT: Interval practice WHEN: Wednesday 25.5. @ 17:00 PRICE: 0 € START: Otaniemi Sports field, Otaranta 6 WEAR: Running shoes and weather suitable clothing! Water! Also, Enerky has big plans for fall, so stay tuned for our half-marathon training group for Espoon Rantamaraton 16.9.2017.


Otaniemi Free Space's contract is coming to an end. Come and celebrate or sign up with your program (individuals, groups, student organisations..)!

OFS & Entropy presents: Karkelot
... See MoreSee Less

OFS & Entropy presents: Karkelot

27.5.17, 17:00 - 28.5.17, 09:00

Tervetuloa Karkeloihin, hullunkuristen asioiden, ihmisten ja kummajaisten kohtaamispaikkaan! Welcome to Karkelot - the Carneval that brings together people, art and communities in our shared wonderland at the Otaniemi Free Space! The event celebrates the past two months for the space we have had as the lease runs out this weekend. We hope that as many as possible can join the celebration and/or co-create program with us! We have an open call for art, performances, music and any kind of program you wish to organize. It can be big or small, done with a group or alone, doesn't matter, we want it all. If you haven't had yet the chance to make your thing happen in the space now is your chance! So far the program includes (more to come): - Indoor Stage and art installations - Outdoor stage (if the weather allows) - Entropy's DJ's and soundsystem - Sauna and a palju (hot tub) - Jarkko Lamminsalo plays kantele - Hey, we are in space -courses installations DJ's: Noblespirit h.3ld Ysi Solari Yagura Chillisalaatti Cu in Karkelot!


Dear all! We kindly invite you to join us today, at 18.00 for the opening of the All Ears - Radio project in Teekkari Village. We will meet at Otakkari 18! See you soon 🙂 ... See MoreSee Less


22.5.17, 18:00 - 22.5.17, 19:00

We kindly invite you for the opening of the All Ears - radio project in Teekkari Village: Monday, 22. 5. 2017 at 18.00 / 6pm Otaakkari 18 (in front of the building) at “the Footnote”. All Ears is a site-specific radio project, aiming to explore Otaniemi setting as a space of a resonance. By activating the sonority of the place through various radio programs broadcasted inside and outside of particular locations in Teekkari Village we posit two different, yet closely related questions: — Who is that subject who comes to make herself heard? And, what is at play in listening, what resonates in it? Radio, as a chosen form of ‘display’ plays a crucial role in this project. The specificity of location may bring about associations with campus or community radio phenomena, yet it’s important to emphasise that in case of All Ears, radio is approached as an infrastructural component, a base or a ground for artistic articulations which, among other things, question what exactly do we mean by community or institution, and how meaning (feeling as well) is distributed by this agency. Schedule of the programme will be published. Participating artists: Melike Ceylan, Luis Celomundo, Rogério Nuno Costa [aka Chef Rø], Vidha Saumya and Niko Skorpio. In collaboration with Kabir Carter. Educational Programme consists of lectures and podcasts on history of radio and sound art. Curators: Alina Belishkina, Marharyta Liavonenka and Živa Kleindienst (Aalto University, Department of Arts, Visual Culture and Contemporary Art / Curating, Mediating and Managing Art) Technical development of the project: Bryant Hoban (Aalto University, Department of Arts, Sound in New Media) and Parsa Kamehkhosh (Aalto University, Department of Arts, Visual Culture and Contemporary Art)


Hi, everybody! The 20th Pdp gala is going on at the moment at Aalto Design Factory in Otaniemi (Betonimiehenkuja 6). If you haven't yet visited the place now is the best chance to do it. See you! 🙂 ... See MoreSee Less


Tulevana lauantaina Arabian kampuksella TOKYOn perinteiset taide- ja designmyyjäiset, Tervetuloa! ... See MoreSee Less

TOKYO Spring SALES - Kevätmyyjäiset

20.5.17, 12:00 - 20.5.17, 18:00

TOKYOn perinteiset kevätmyyjäiset järjestetään Arabian kampuksella lauantaina 20.5.klo 12-19. Tarjolla persoonallisia lahjoja, taideopiskelijoiden taidetta, muotoilua ja käsitöitä. Mukana myyjäistunnelmassa myös kahvila, sekä ravintola Kipsari vegaanisen brunssin muodossa. Lisätietoa osoitteessa: tokyo.fi/tokyon-kevatmyyjaiset-2017/ TOKYO's Spring Sales are held on 20th of May in Arabia Campus, Hämeentie 135 C. The Spring Sales are an annual tradition, which gives the students an opportunity to sell their artworks and products. The Sales and TOKYOcafé are open from 12 to 7pm. More info: tokyo.fi/tokyon-kevatmyyjaiset-2017/?lang=en TERVETULOA! WELCOME!


Party in Arabia campus! Come and see rare art students!! BYOB! ... See MoreSee Less

BaBp17 - TOKYO x NuDe x KOOMA

19.5.17, 18:00 - 19.5.17, 22:59

BABP'17 eli Bad ASS Boss party 2017 English below! Bring your own drinks! Arabian kampuksen lopun alku on käsillä ja muutto otaniemeen lähestyy. On aika valmistautua jättämään suloinen historiantuoksuinen kampuksemme taakse ja suunnata katse eteenpäin kohti Espoon vihreitä niittyjä. Suremisen sijaan haluamme muistaa tällä kampuksella koettuja hyviä hetkiä vielä yhden (melkein) viimeisen kerran kaikkien Aaltolaisen kanssa! Kokoontukaamme siis nostamaan ensimmäinen viimeisistä maljoista rakkaalle Arabian kampukselle! Jatkot Mustassa härässä! + Kaikki Otaniemeläiset ovat myös tervetulleita kokemaan Arabian juhlan huumaa! Our time at Arabia campus is closing to the end slowly and it is soon time to leave our old campus full of memories behind and head towards Espoo's greenery and splendid future. Neither than bathing in sadness, we want to remember joys and good times and party with all Aalto students for (almost) last time. So let's gather to rise first of the last toasts for our beloved Arabia! After party in Musta Härkä! +All Aalto students are invited, be welcomed whichever campus are you from!


Application period for Aalto Marketing Society's Cape Town Expedition ends today. Don't forget to send your application and make the best decision of next autumn! We have something pretty cool in store for you 😉✈️

More information about the trip: Aalto Marketing Society Expedition 2017 to Cape Town

Send you application here: goo.gl/forms/UCig0PzbA7j1hZcl2
... See MoreSee Less


Female Choir KYN is a versatile vocal ensemble which opened up new doors in modern choir music on their recent album. Now, they bring the project on stage, teaming up with Manuel Dunkel, Ville Herrala and Mikko Hassinen who rank among Finland's top jazz musicians.

Tickets (20 € includes 3€ cloakroom service) available from KYN singers and G Livelab.

KYN, Manuel Dunkel, Ville Herrala & Mikko Hassinen
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KYN, Manuel Dunkel, Ville Herrala & Mikko Hassinen

23.5.17, 19:00 - 23.5.17, 21:00

Maailmallakin sävähdyttänyt KYN ravisteli lokakuussa julkaistulla Jos minä puhuisin sinulle -albumillaan käsityksiä siitä, mihin naiskuoro taipuu. Mikko Hassisen KYN:lle räätälöimä etninen jazz haastaa kuoron sekä osaksi Manuel Dunkelin, Ville Herralan ja Hassisen tähdittämää kokoonpanoa että ottamaan a cappella -sovituksissa jazzbändin instrumenttien roolit haltuunsa. Luvassa on todellista kuoron ja jazzyhtyeen ilotulitusta. The Academic Female Choir KYN is a versatile vocal ensemble which opened up new doors in modern choir music on their recent album. Now, they bring the project on stage, teaming up with Manuel Dunkel, Ville Herrala and Mikko Hassinen who rank among Finland's top jazz musicians. The choir will blend with the jazz trio in innovative ways, and at times the vocals take on the role of instrumentation, as well. KYN, Artistic Director Kaija Viitasalo / Manuel Dunkel, tenor sax / Ville Herrala, bass / Mikko Hassinen, perc glivelab.fi


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