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Hämeentie 135 C, Helsinki
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AYY Events

Once again we have the opportunity to offer a great experience for you all. This time around we dive deeply into Scottish whisky: Glenmorangie, and explore the differences a variety of finishes can make. See you there! ... See MoreSee Less

WhisKYxGlenmorangie: Finishes

6.4.18, 19:00 - 6.4.18, 21:00

Welcome to the 3rd WhisKY tasting of the year, the Glenmorangie Finishes tasting! We continue our co-operation with importers, and have the pleasure of welcoming Heta Kangasmaa of Moët Hennessy Finland, who'll hold a special tasting for us. Glenmorangie is known for having multiple finished whiskies in its core range, and we'll be exploring these, as well as the wines the whiskies have been finished, side by side, with the classic 10 year old as a reference. Rumor has it, we might even be having some whisky cocktails! The evening's menu is as follows: Glenmorangie 10 Glenmorangie Nectar D'Or + Sauternes Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban + Ruby Port Glenmorangie Lasanta + PX Sherry Bonus cocktails??????? WHAT: Glenmorangie x WhisKY WHERE: KY-building, Pohjoinen rautatiekatu 21B, 3rd floor WHEN: 6.4.2018 @ 19:00 PRICE: 15€ See you there!


Only 4 days left to apply for tutor !!! Hurry and fill the application in the link below! 🔥
More info at tokyo.fi and susanna.koistinen@aalto.fi
Enää 4 päivää jäljellä hakea tutoriksi !!! Kiirehdi ja täytä hakulomake alla olevassa linkissä! 🔥
Lisää tietoa: tokyo.fi and susanna.koistinen@aalto.fi
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Join our program company trip to attend an inspiring talk with the team at ABB about the digitalization in the industrial landscape! We will also visit one of the factories of ABB too! Register on the Google form is required 🙂 ... See MoreSee Less

Company Visit to ABB: Industrial Digitalization

11.4.18, 13:00 - 11.4.18, 15:00

Are you interested in the digitalization and IoT applications in industrial landscape? If so, this event is definitely for you. Stratos and ABB invite interested Aalto students to visit ABB office and factory in Helsinki. Our host, Janne Nieminen, Production Unit Manager and his colleagues will discuss Innovation Lab Project and introduce ABB Ability: Industrial Internet technology platform and cloud infrastructure designed to transform industrial landscape. Also, we will visit the factory and see how digitalization is applied in practice! SIGN UP (Required): goo.gl/forms/KYVzBJ6MlETyIz9C3 When: April 11th 1:00 PM-4:00PM Where: ABB Tellus-Building 7th Floor. Valimopolku 4, FI-00380 Helsinki. (Nearby Valimo Railway Station) Agenda: 1. ABB Introduction 2. Innovation Lab: Case ABB System Drives and Aalto University 3. ABB Ability and Digitalization 4. Factory Visit 5. Discussion & closing ** About ABB:http://abb.com/about About ABB Ability: www.abb.com/abb-ability


Want to persuade and convince others of your brilliant ideas? Want to learn better speaking skills for your next presentation, interview or thesis defense?

Aalto Debate Society is hosting a workshop on Public Speaking including some theory and practical exercises to develop your speaking skills. If you wish, following the workshop we will have a British Parliamentary style debate on a topic announced on site, novices are welcome to participate or merely stay to watch.
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Aalto Debate Training: Public Speaking

22.3.18, 18:00 - 22.3.18, 21:00

Eager to learn persuasive speaking skills and be ready to stand up to speak in front of any audience? This week top debaters and speakers will guide you through the art of public speaking and stage presence. We will teach you useful concepts of speaking and practice skills together. The focus is on the core: being able to speak convincingly in any situation in front of any audience – skills that we believe benefit everyone in their studies and work life. This weeks training will be held in Uusi Kabinetti, Töölö (KY House). The venue is located on the 3rd floor, you can either take the elevator or continue up the stairs to find the room. As always, the debate topic is announced at the place, and no prior preparation is necessary. Motions range from A to Z, just as long as they are interesting! So grab your pen and an open mind to join us for some debating! After the debate, we will grab some post-debate drinks at a nearby bar in the city center. If you have any trouble getting inside the venue please contact Adnan 045 693 1198 🙂 Why debate? Because #AaltoDebates!


Ella Asikainen jakoi henkilön BEST Helsinki BEST Summer Courses ryhmälle AYY Events. ... See MoreSee Less

Opiskeletko tekniikkaa Aallossa? Hakuaika BEST Kesäkursseille loppuu TÄNÄÄN klo 24! Haku on avoin kaikille tekniikan opiskelijoille. Kursseja on tarjolla ensi kesänä yli 40 eri Euroopan kaupungissa. BESTin kursseilla: - Tutustut uuteen kaupunkiin/maahan ja sen kulttuuriin sekä paikallisiin. - Saat uusia ystäviä joka puolelta Eurooppaa. - Osallistut kurssille, jota järjestävät aiheen ammattilaiset ja opettajat, sekä muihin aktiviteetteihin. - Saat yhden elämäsi hauskimmista kokemuksista! Kurssit maksavat 30-50€ (sisältäen kaiken: majoituksen, ruoat ja ohjelma) ja ne kestävät noin 8-10 päivää. Katso lista kursseista sekä hakuohjeet osoitteessa best.eu.org/courses/list.jsp ja hae kolmeen mieleisimpään kurssiin iltaan mennessä! ---------------------------------- Do you study tech in Aalto? The application for BEST Summer Courses closes TODAY at 24 o'clock! The application is open for all tech students. Courses are offered in over 40 European cities next summer. In BEST course you will: - Get to know a new city/country and its culture and local people. - Get new friends from all over Europe. - Participate in a course organized by professionals and teachers of the topic, as well as other activities. - Get one of the most fun experience of your life! The courses cost 30-50€ (including everything: accommodation, food, program) and they last for 8-10 days. Check the list of courses in best.eu.org/courses/list.jsp and you can apply to three courses. The application is open until 23:00.


GAYY järjestää taas sateenkaarevat sitsit lauantaina 24.3.
Niin sateenkaarikansa kuin -mieliset ovat tervetulleita juhlistamaan kanssamme! Tapahtuma on siis kaikille avoin! Ilmoittautuminen on auki tiistaihin saakka

GAYY is organizing Rainbow sitsit on Saturday 24th of March. Sitsit is for LGBT and LGBT-friendly people! So everyone is welcome to join the sitsit!
The sign-up is open until Tuesday
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Rainbow Sitsit - Red Edition

24.3.18, 18:30 - 24.3.18, 23:59

Rainbow Sitsit are back - in red! Get your friends together, put something red on and come party with Gayy, the happiest club in Aalto University! WHAT: Rainbow Sitsit WHEN: Saturday 24/3/2018 18:30 WHERE: Otakaari 20, Upstairs HOW MUCH: 12€ (In cash at the venue) DRESSCODE: - R E D E D I T I O N - Sign up has been closed! More info to follow...


🐺Here’s some information about the ticket sales!🐺

The online ticket sale for the event starts on next Monday (19.3.) at 12 o’clock! The link to the online shop will be published in this event.

The ticket sales on campuses:


22.3. 11-13 Undergraduate Centre lobby
3.4. 11-13 U-wing
5.4. 11-13 Undergraduate Centre lobby
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Hukkaputki 2018

12.4.18, 16:00 - 13.4.18, 03:00

Steps behind you are getting closer and closer.... ...”What is that?” you wonder... “AUUUUUUUU!!!” RUN! The legendary Hukkaputki, organized by KY’s Cultural Committee KUVA, is here again! Now is no time to look back, just keep running down the metro stairs or the Hukka is gonna get you! Gather up your friends, put your overalls on and head to KY Building’s Alakertsi on Thursday April 12th. Dive into the depths of the metro tunnels and crawl your way to the Eastern Helsin... Wait a second! After all these years East and West are finally connected! Thanks to Länsimetro you can now crawl through all the way from our beloved Otaniemi to Eastern Helsinki! Enjoy some student-friendly priced beverages offered by the best pubs along the metro. Please note that instead of teams the tickets are sold as 15-minute slots (e.g. 16:00-16:15). Pick the departure time which is the most suitable for you and inform it at the ticket sale. You can start your pub crawl between that 15-minutes slot you have chosen. At the event, please arrive in time in order to avoid overcrowding! The crawl time is 4 hours and you have time until 23 o’clock to finish the underground journey. The fun does not end after the pub crawl but continues through the night. When you have finished your way out from the tunnels head to the Apollo Live Club where the official after party gathers all the crawlers together to party all night! Please notice that the overall badges will be shared at Apollo. When the break of dawn arrives, it’s time to head to the after after party at KY’s Alakertsi hosted by KUJ, the Cultural Sub-Committee of KY. WHAT: Hukkaputki Pub Crawl 2018 WHEN: Thursday April 12th at 16-06 (Pub Crawl time 16-23) WHERE: Metro tunnels of Helsinki and Espoo START: Alakertsi, KY Building (Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 21 B ) FINISH: Apollo Live Club (Mannerheimintie 16) PRICE: 8€ DRESSCODE: Overalls AFTERPARTY: Apollo Live Club (Mannerheimintie 16) at 21-04, the program will be announced later! AFTER AFTER PARTY: Hosted by KUJ at 03-06 am @ Alakertsi, KY Building (Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 21 B ) www.facebook.com/events/2000197970303543/?notif_t=event_calendar_create&notif_id=1520936007926362 TICKETS: bailataan.fi/#!/events/03248d03-cbed-4b4a-89a3-e6d5c1b6b6c4 - - - - - - THE TICKET SALES ON CAMPUSES: Otaniemi 22.3. 11-13 Undergraduate Centre lobby 3.4. 11-13 U-wing 5.4. 11-13 Undergraduate Centre lobby Porthania 22.3. 11-13 Porthania, Main lobby (Yliopistonkatu 3)


Join Ky-Sub, KY's international subcommittee, for an evening of board games at Saha on the 23rd of March! We will have a bunch of games for you to play but feel free to bring your own favorite games with you too.
Since the game night takes place on a Friday, you can also play a few rounds of beer pong and flip cup with us. After the game night we will have an afterparty at a club 🍻 (BYOB to Saha, afterparty location TBA soon)
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Ky-Sub's Board Game Night

23.3.18, 17:00 - 23.3.18, 23:00

Ky-Sub invites you to a game night at Saha. Get ready to have a great time with friends and fun games ranging from classic board games to Twister and Cards Against Humanity. You can also bring your own games with you! In addition, we will have some tables, cups and balls for beer pong and flip cup, so bring some drinks if you want to play. 🍻 (No glass bottles!!) After the tables and cups have been flipped we will have an afterparty at a club (place of the afterparty TBA!). This event is for all Aalto students. Game on! WHAT: Ky-Sub's Board Game Night WHERE: Saha (Konemiehentie 1, Espoo / 3 min walk from the Aalto University metro station) WHEN: 23rd of March at 5pm PRICE: Free! AFTERPARTY: at BK aka Baarikärpänen


Terkko Health Talks is here again with its second episode focusing on PATENTS & IPR! 💣

Our distinguished speaker Marjut Borgenström, PhD, an Associate Partner and European Patent Attorney (Biology) at Kolster Oy, will tell about the basic principles of obtaining patent protection, with a special emphasis on health & life science inventions.
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Patents and IPR for Life Science and Health - Terkko Health Talk

21.3.18, 10:00 - 21.3.18, 12:30

What: How can you protect your ideas and inventions? What kind of inventions can be patented? What’s the difference between patenting, trademarking, and licensing? Register for our training on Wednesday March 21, 2018 to find out how to protect your life science or health innovations and how to differentiate your ideas from others. The training is organized by Health Capital Helsinki and NewCo and it is free of charge. Speaker: Marjut Borgenström, PhD, is an Associate Partner and European Patent Attorney (Biology) at Kolster Oy. Mrs. Borgenström has worked at Kolster since 2002, and she has dealt with patent applications of several Finnish biotech companies. Mrs. Borgenström has broad experience in patents related to gene technology, immunology, and utilization of stem cells in medical applications. Content: In this training, you will get a good overview of intellectual properties (IP), as well as different forms of IP protection. We will go through the basic principles of obtaining patent protection, with a special emphasis on life science inventions. The training will cover following topics: Different forms of IP protection Patentable inventions: what can be patented; some national differences Patentability criteria and exceptions to patentability Examples of patentable life science inventions Where, when, and why to apply for a patent? Estimated cost to apply for patents Who can apply for a patent? University Inventions Patent Databases as the source of information and in the follow-up of competitors Location: Terkko Health Hub, Haartmaninkatu 4, 00290 Helsinki Target audience: Researchers, innovators, clinicians, and start-ups in the fields of health and life science Register : via this link by Tuesday the 20th March: bit.ly/2tos3B1 Follow-up In Spring 2018, HealthCapitalHelsinki and NewCo Helsinki will organize a series of trainings for life science and health entrepreneurs. Trainings will cover the following topics: Go to market -strategy Patents and licensing Artificial intelligence (AI) Secure architecture Building global social media presence Available financing instruments for start-ups Regulatory aspects Negotiation skills Pitching skills We hope to see you at Terkko!


Think-A-Thon by Medialiitto ry & MindMill Network! @ MOW Stargate

Sign up now to discuss the future of media in this exciting workshop!

Registration: docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf7OKhPZCC7BbswZyuNPiosdhf4rj64XLv4MKM6ShLTwna4Lw/viewform

The event is in Finnish.
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Think-A-Thon by Medialiitto ry & MindMill Network! @ MOW Stargate Sign up now to discuss the future of media in this exciting workshop! Registration: docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf7OKhPZCC7BbswZyuNPiosdhf4rj64XLv4MKM6ShLTwna4Lw/viewform The event is in Finnish.


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