Van rental

The student union has its own van which only AYY’s members can rent. The van is white Nissan NV300 with manual gears. The vehicle’s height is 2.0 m, width 2.3 m and length 5.4 m. See all measurements of the car here (model L2H1, 125 hv).


The up-to-date -availability can be found in TILA-system with the facilities.  The van is rented through Otaniemi Service Point at  050 520 9400 or 050 520 9401. Cancellations must be made two days prior to the reservation the latest.

Associations within AYY can rent the van in advance in the facilities booking sessions organised in late spring and late autumn.

Rental hours and prices

9am– 3pm (6 h) €30
3pm–9am (18 h) €50
9am–9am (24 h) €70

In addition, a fee of €0.50/km is charged according to use.

NOTE! During weekends, on Saturdays and Sundays, van is rented out only for 24 hours.


The van is collected from and returned in front of Otaniemi Service Point (Otakaari 11, downstairs next to the Alvari square). If you have reserved the van for Saturday or Sunday, you should collect the keys already by 4pm on Friday.

The user must take photos of the existing dents before the rental begins and send them to van (a) 

Between Monday and Friday the renter will not get the keys before sending the pictures and during weekends there will be a sanction of €30, if the renter has not delivered the pictures.

The car has a logbook (white folder), which should be filled out with a ball-point pen or ink pen before and after the ride. In case of doubt, there is an additional €20 handling fee. Please remember to read the instructions and get to know the vehicle before use.

If you need to refuel the vehicle with diesel, please keep the receipt and record the amount in the logbook. Diesel price will be refunded to you from the rent.

When returning the van when the service point is closed, you can return the key along with receipt and the filled checklist through the letterbox at Otaniemi Service Point. The letterbox can be found downstairs on the front door to the right.

The deductible amount of the van is €500. In case of damage, please report it when returning the vehicle. A double fee will be charged for unreported damage.

Please note that you may only use the van in Finland.