Student Advocacy

Aalto University Student Union supervises the interests of students and supports them in their studies and student life.  The most important student advocacy related definitions of policy, such as those dealing with changes to the educational system and student financial aid, are made by the Representative Council. So, student advocacy work is based on the policy papers approved by the Council, which can then be further detailed by the Board if deemed necessary.

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Social Affairs

Social policy advocacy can be summed up as looking after the students’ day-to-day interests. Important themes in AYY’s social policy work are health, welfare, subsistence issues, housing and exercise. Examples of AYY’s social policy advocacy are the participation in the University’s Student Financial Aid Committee, influencing the work of FSHS (Finnish Student Health Service) in the metropolitan area, student housing development and lobbying for improving sports opportunities. On the national level, advocacy work is done in cooperation with other organisations such as the National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL) and Finnish Student Sports Federation (OLL).

Educational Affairs

The focus of educational policy advocacy is on developing the quality and appreciation of education, as well as keeping the students’ perspective visible at Aalto University. The aim is to increase the interaction between students and the university staff and make sure that the whole academic community is working towards a common goal.In addition to AYY, student representatives in university administration and many organisations within the student union, both the university’s own associations and engineering student guilds, are also involved in advocacy work.

International Affairs

The international affairs sector promotes the internationalisation of Aalto University from a student’s point of view and acts as an advocacy body for international students.The goal is to ensure that Aalto University offers its students diverse, functional and rewarding internationalisation opportunities both home and abroad. More on international affairs.