Street address: Otakaari 11, 02150 Espoo – See location on map
Postal address: AYY (Housing), PL69, 02150 Espoo

Our office handles member services in Otaniemi. At the office you can, for example, get a yearly tag to your student card and ask about renting the Student Union’s van and facilities. Housing services help you with questions concerning housing search, moving, renting and apartments.

Starting Monday 13th November the service point will be located on the 2nd floor!

Opening hours: Weekdays 12:00–16:00
(10:00–16:00 on the first weekday of every month)

Cashier services: 1st–10th of each month on weekdays 12:00–14:00

Email: ayy(a)ayy.fi   Please send questions about housing to the housing services.
Telephone service: +358 50 520 9400, Mon-Fri 9:00–11:00 & 12:00–16:00
Housing services, please call: +358 50 520 9410, Mon-Fri 12:00–14:00
We will answer calls whenever possible along with other customer service responsibilities.

Exceptional opening hours

  • Housing office is closed Thu 9th – Fri 10th November due to renovation (phone service is open: 9.11. & 10.11.)
  • Closed on Tuesday 21.11.2017
  • Housing office is open 10:00–16:00 on Friday 1st December
  • Closed Wed 6th December (Finnish Independence Day)

Secretary of member services

Saila Rappumäki

Secretary of member services

Katarina Naumanen

Secretary of member services

Kati Kinnunen

Housing secretary

Annika Mällinen
Housing secretary

Kirsi Veijola
Housing secretary

Arja Haverinen