List of Associations

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A!dventures, a.k.a. Aallon Seikkailu-urheilijat, brings adventure sports closer to students. We’re all things outdoors, from hiking to ice climbing to kayaking and beyond. Some highlights of our events are try-outs for adventurous sports like orienteering, rock climbing and trail running. We also join different sports events, such as Jukola relay. Above all, we are united […]

Aallon valokuvausseura ry

Aallon valokuvausseura is a photography club for Aalto university students (and staff, too!). Do you want to meet like-minded people to talk about the latest camera models? Looking for company to tour photo exhibitions in Helsinki? Want to learn traditional B&W printing? From complete beginners to seasoned artists, Aalto photography club is the place to […]

Aalto Aikikai

The purpose of Aalto Aikikai is to give people the opportunity to train aikido within Otaniemi. We have several led trainings per week in Otaniemi and occasionally we organize weekend aikido seminars or some social activities. More information like our training times check our homepage and for pictures and other nice stuff check our Facebook […]

Aalto Analytics

Our aim is to bring the power of data to the people! Aalto Analytics promotes the awareness of data science across the three major branches of Aalto. We serve members from diverse academic backgrounds and skill levels and help them  bridge the gap between theory and practice. We offer a friendly community and a valuable […]

Aalto Asian Dance Group

Aalto Asian Dance Group is a non-profitable Dance Hobby Group set up originally in 2007 (at then was cssa-dancing) and renamed in 2015. The group has been welcomed by all those interested in dance and Asian culture. Group training and activities are kept free of charge or at the group’s board wishes. The size of a group […]

Aalto Beer Pong

About the association Aalto Beer Pong was founded in December 2011. The main objective of the association is to promote the Beer Pong better known in Finland. Aalto Beer Pong is a non-profit association. Activity The association organizes regular tournaments and member events. We will also provide instruction to the sport, as well as borrow […]

Aalto Cocktail

Aalto Cocktail is a new student organisation devoted to cocktails and cocktail culture. We arrange cocktail parties and other cocktail-inspired events. We’re also searching for international students to join our cause and help us organize events for international and Finnish students alike. Feel free to contact us!

Aalto Community of African Students

Aalto Community of African Students is an AYY registered association that brings together students from Africa and other international students to collaborate and share ideas on business, technology and volunteering. Link to website

Aalto Daigaku Maajanbu ry

Aalto Daigaku Maajanbu ry (or アールト大学麻雀部) is an Espoo-based association founded in September 2013 to bring together players of Riichi mahjong and promote mahjong at Aalto University. Riichi mahjong is a japanese variation of the old Chinese 4-player game. This is not the solitaire mahjong which many may know, but a complex and exciting game […]

Aalto Debating Society

Want to be able to present ideas confidently and persuasively anytime, anywhere and in front of any audience? To engage in critical discussions on topical issues or maybe just brush up on your English? Check out Aalto Debating Society, a vibrant international community of debaters from across Aalto! Through ADS you can participate in 1) […]

Aalto Economics

Networking with company representatives on career nights and company visits! Learning more about economic issues through panel discussions. Enjoying a summer picnic with amazing students. Feeling the international vibe on study trips around the world. This is Aalto Economics – a student organization taking care of economics-minded students’ interests, well-being and future career paths. Aalto […]

Aalto Entrepreneurship Society

Aalto Entrepreneurship Society (Aaltoes) is the most prominent and most active student-run entrepreneurship society in Europe. Our mission today is being the world’s best community and growth platform, especially for personal development and reaching entrepreneurial-minded people. Aaltoes was founded in 2009 by Aalto University students when the professor said: “being an entrepreneur is the worst […]

Aalto Formula Team

Aalto Formula Team (AFT) is a new association aiming to bring together Aalto students from different backgrounds to design and build an electric Formula Student class race car! The goal right now is to race in the 2019 season so every helping hand is needed. More info on Formula Student here. The members are already […]

Aalto Gamers

  Aalto Gamers is a community connecting gamers of Aalto University. We organize gaming related events and promote the development of esports in Finland and in academic scenes. We support our members’ interests in gaming and enhance their progression in it. Above all, we aim to create a vibrant community among our players, and provide an […]

Aalto ISM ry

Aalto ISM is the association for students studying Information and Service Management in their Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees, in addition to people interested in the intersection of business and technology. We welcome all students and alumni from Aalto University to join us. Joining Aalto ISM allows you to tap into our social and professional network […]

Aalto ISM ry

  Aalto ISM is the subject club for the students at the Department of Information and Service Economy, which consists of the Bachelor’s and Master’s program in Information and Service Management (ISM). Aalto ISM organizes a variety of exciting events including Career Evening and excursions to the top technology and consulting companies, study trips to […]

Aalto Management Consulting Association

Aalto Management Consulting Association (AMCA) is proud to have partnerships with globally respected management consulting companies in Finland. We are dedicated to provide learning and career support for students at Aalto University who are interested in a management consulting career. To serve this purpose, AMCA organises the following activities: Consulting case practice sessions Networking events […]

Aalto Marketing Society

Aalto Marketing Society (or AMS in short) is the association of marketing students at Aalto University School of Business in Finland. We represent all students who study marketing as their major both on bachelor and master’s levels as well as people who are just genuinely interested in all things related to marketing. As the name suggests, we […]

Aalto MIB

Aalto Management and International Business, shortly MIB, is a subject club for all students interested in these subjects at Aalto University.  Our aim is to lobby the interests of our student members, to connect our student members with the faculty of the M&IB department and to organize various activities such as company visits, training sessions […]

Aalto Mountaineering Club

Aalto Mountaineering Club ry is an association founded in 2018 with a mission to bring together individuals who are interested about mountaineering and other outdoor-sports. The club activities include mountaineering trips, courses and weekly climbing sessions. We welcome individuals of all skill-levels to join the club. More information can be found from club’s website.

Aalto Muslim Students

Yhdistyksen tarkoituksena on yhdistää Aalto-yliopistossa opiskelevia muslimeja, parantaa heidän opiskelukokemustaan, vähentää ennakkoluuloja, sekä järjestää tapahtumia ja toimintaa kaikille Aalto-yliopiston opiskelijoille, jossa korostetaan päihteettömyyttä ja yleissivistyksen lisäämistä. Yhdistys pyrkii olemaan aktiivinen yhteiskunnan jäsen ja lisäämään nuorten kiinnostusta yliopistossa opiskelua kohtaan. Löydät meidät Facebookista:  

Aalto Muslim Students

The goal of our association is to bring together muslim students in Aalto University, enhance their study experience, diminish prejudices and organize alcohol-free events to all Aalto University students. We also strive to be an active member of the society and increase interest for university studies among high school and upper secondary students. You can […]

Aalto Predators

Aalto Predators is the American football team of Aalto University. The team plays in the Finnish Academic League, comprised of players of all experience levels: from beginners to Maple League and National Team players. The Academic League is played from February to May, with practices starting in September. Aalto Predators won the 2016 Student Bowl to be Finnish […]

Aalto runners

Aalto Runners is a association which brings together all the Aalto student who are interested in sports, especially in running. We organize sauna evenings with almost every time some sort of action including jogging.  Running events are  popular among us and our members take part various types of races.

Aalto Skate

Aalto Skate is a skateboarding association founded in 2015, aiming to raise awareness of the sport and unite the skateboarding enthusiasts of Aalto University. Our main goal is to improve skateboarding possibilities in the university campus and further build an unique skateboarding scene. In the spring of 2016, Aalto Skate built a skateramp and a […]

Aalto Strategy

Aalto Strategy Aalto Strategy is the subject club for students studying in the multidisciplinary Master’s Programme in Strategy at Aalto University and those interested in the field of strategy. Aalto Strategy’s purpose is to represent Master’s students in Strategy at Aalto University, and to promote their interests and aspirations by functioning as a link between […]

Aalto Tennis ry

Aalto Tennis ry organizes tennis courses for both the beginners and more advanced players twice a year (spring and autumn). Learn more about our benefits (e.g. court reservation discounts etc.) by joining Aalto Tennis!  

Aalto University Business Students (KY)

Aalto University Business Students (KY) is an association whose primary reason to exist is to pursue its members’ interests and benefits as well as offer a unique community and opportunities to develop oneself. KY cherishes and maintains traditions and binds business students tightly together. On the other hand, it is extremely important for KY to […]

Aalto University Doctoral Student Association – Aallonhuiput

Aalto University postgraduate student association – Aallonhuiput brings together all doctoral students and those interested in doctoral studies in Aalto University. The association organizes events on issues important to doctoral students and brings them together in free networking events. Aallonhuiput arranges, for example, debates, events in conjunction with companies, theme nights, and wine tasting. It […]

Aalto University Production Engineering Students (VTK)

Aalto University Production Engineering Students (VTK) is a club for all Aalto University students studying or just interested in production and manufacturing engineering. The club keeps its headquarters in the mechanical department of Aalto University in Otaniemi, Espoo and is completely run by students. The club acts as a link between the students, alumni, school […]

Aalto University’s Guild of Electrical Engineering

Aalto University’s Guild of Electrical Engineering (Aalto-yliopiston Sähköinsinöörikilta ry, SIK) is Otaniemi’s second largest guild with about 1000 members. Almost all members are students at the Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering (ELEC). Most of them study Electrical Engineering (EST) or Communications Engineering (TLT). The guild was found as a Club for Electrical Engineering students in 1921. The chairman of the […]


Aalto-Basket is the basketball team of Aalto University from Espoo. Our club has long traditions of student sports, being founded way back in 1981. During recent years, the club has grown, and nowadays consists of three teams: Men’s 1st team: Plays in 1st division B (3rd highest level in Finland), practices twice a week Men’s 2nd […]


Aalto-Volley is an active student sports club that offers opportunities to play volleyball at an official series level or simply for recreation. The club has about 20 members. Our practices and other activities take place at Espoo three times a week. Aalto-Volley plays men’s regional series in season 2019-2020. You are warmly welcomed to join […]


Aaltobassokerho (A!BK), founded at Aalto University in 2016, is an interdisciplinary student association for friends of rap and urban music. Whether you’re a listener, freestyle rapper, producer, or someone who simply enjoys hard-hitting beats, you’ll surely develop contacts with like-minded students through our association. Anyone studying in a university can become a member. Follow our […]


AEGEE is the biggest interdisciplinary student association of Europe with over 12000 members in over 200 different university cities of Europe. In Finland the active antennas are AEGEE-Helsinki and AEGEE-Turku. The main goal of the association is to improve the co-operation and mobility among students in Europe through local activities and cultural exchanges. AEGEE is a […]


AIESEC Aalto is part of the wold’s largest network of student organizations. The goal of our association is to increase intercultural understanding and develope students’ leadership skills. We organize opportunities for Aalto-students to go for global citizen voluntary work abroad. For our members, we have national seminars together with other AIESEC-associations around Finland. Our members […]


AIESEC Aalto is part of the world’s largest student association network. The goal of our association is to increase culture awareness and develope students’ leadership skills. We arrange opportunities for Aalto university students to volunteer abroad. for our members, we have national seminars around Finland. As our member you would help with organizing promotion events […]

Akateeminen Jaloviinaseura Jallu

Akateeminen Jaloviinaseura Jallu’s mission is to promote healthy drinking habits and to familiarize jaloviina-culture to academics of all sorts in all its delicate forms.  Jallu organizes various kinds of activities to its members ranging from sauna evenings to excursions.

Akateeminen Sitsiseura

Academic Sitsi Society organizes sitsis, promotes sitsi and singing culture and leases dishes and cutlery. Our choice of sitsi locations may sometimes be somewhat unusual, but the main thing is to have good company, food and to sing.


Akva is an association for students in the field of water and environmental engineering, welcoming in anyone with an interest in water and the environment. Akva was established in 1997 and a lot has happened in its short history. The main objective of Akva is to bring its members closer together – this includes members […]


Akystic is an acoustic music playing modern cover band that consists of dynamic group of young and talented people. The band plays well-known rock, pop and dance music with a wide range and the members have long experience from music and performing. One of the band’s unique abilities is to perform with the most suitable “line-up” […]

Ammattiainekerho Linkki ry

Linkki (originally known as Liikenneakatemia, “Transportation Academy”) is an association for Transportation Engineering students, as well as Highway and Railway Engineering and Spatial Planning students of Aalto University as well as other people interested in the subject. It functions loosely under the Guild of Surveying Engineers and cooperates with several companies in the field. The association was founded in 1994. […]

Audiopoli ry

Audiopoli ry is an association located in Otaniemi, Espoo which is dedicated to promote the joy of audio-visual experiences. There are memebers from newcomers to hard core professionals in the field of hifi. Sheer interest in the audio-visual world is our only commitment for our members. Activities Our goal is to support hifi and home […]


Board of European Students of Technology (BEST) is a non-profit and non-political organization for students, by students. BEST was founded in 1989 to provide communication, co-operation and exchange possibilities for students of technology all over Europe. Local BEST Group (LBG) Helsinki was one of the first 18 BEST groups. Since then BEST has grown rapidly […]

BEST Helsinki

BEST (Board of European Students of Technology) is a student-driven organization with 94 LBGs (Local BEST Groups) present in 32 countries. Through our collaborative universities we reach over 1,000,000 students all around the continent. BEST is a voluntary, non-political and non-representative organization, which aims to empower diversity through courses, engineering competitions and leisure events on […]


Bikepoli is the cycling club of Aalto University, and we are based at the Otaniemi campus, Espoo, Finland. We are an original student union club of the Helsinki University of Technology, now part of the Aalto University. We are a member club of the Finnish Cycling Union. We are focused on mountain biking, especially group trail […]

Boston Promenade

Boston Promenade is a big band which has been rocking the socks out of business students since 1964.


BY a.k.a. Bratislawa Youghurt is been part of Teekkari Village since 1980. We promote (and provide) communal happines and good parties.

CEMS Club Helsinki

CEMS Club Helsinki help its members to create an exceptional network and inculcate the “CEMS spirit”. This spirit is a mix of curiosity, passion and awareness which will enable them to become the leaders of tomorrow. Read more about CEMS Master in International Management: Join us on facebook: More information about the Helsinki CEMS […]

Club Electronica

CEle, Club Electronica, is a traditional electronics students vocational subject’s club. Our members have easy and enjoyable opportunity to come to make a direct acquaintance with the industry and other interested get-togethers a couple times per semester. So whether you’re already in the industry or perhaps thinking about your course direction or major, welcome!

Construction management club – ROPO ry

ROPO is a club with long traditions, that brings together students interested in construction management. The objective of ROPO, is to be a meeting place for students and newly graduated masters in engineering. We organize events that are both fun, and academically and professionally rewarding. ROPO is a registered society that operates within Aalto university […]


Aalto Media Lab Student Association DADA is a student association, founded in November 2015 by the students of Media Lab Helsinki of Aalto University. The association was founded to represent and connect Aalto University students from Media Lab and other students with interests in fields like new media, interactive design, media design and related subjects. […]

Dissonanssi Chamber Choir

Dissonanssi Chamber Choir is a small mixed choir located in Otaniemi. During the semesters, we practice weekly on Tuesdays from 6 to 8 pm in Otaniemi. We welcome both male and female singers to join us in having fun and singing in a relaxed atmosphere! The auditions are held twice a year: in September and […]

Dominante ry

Dominante is one of the most well-known mixed choirs in Finland. Founded in 1975 as a student choir within the boundaries of the Helsinki University of Technology campus, it still consists mostly of students of Aalto University, University of Helsinki and the Sibelius Academy. Dominante has been conducted by Dir. Seppo Murto since 1981. During […]


Are you interested in demos, graphics, programming, video games or something similar? If your answer is yes then you’re probably interested in DOT as well! DOT gathers people who are interested in digital media and the audiovisual possibilities in computers. We host events such as: saunas, demo nights, gaming nights, company visits, educational nights and […]


EnerKY is Aalto University School of Business’ sports tutors club, that aims to support members of KY and all students of the university to exercise. We organize different kinds of sports related events, such as try-outs and tournaments.


Entropy ry, founded in 1993, is an electronic music cultural association and one of the AYY cultural associations. The purpose of the association is to maintain and advance electronic music culture and related activities among the students of Aalto University and to unite people interested in electronic music. This in mind Entropy organizes electronic music events, […]

Environmental Club of Otaniemi

Environmental Club of Otaniemi (shortly known as OYS) is a gathering place for people interested in nature and environmental issues. See more information in English or join our mailing list Ekoinfo to get information about upcoming events.

ESN Aalto

ESN Aalto is the local section of ESN Finland and ESN International as a whole. We arrange events mainly for exchange and international students at Aalto University, but we welcome everyone from Aalto whether they are studying through Erasmus or not. Also Finns are warmly welcome. You can find information about our events on our […]

ETL Student Association

ETL is the association for students studying in ELO Film School Finland. Our main mission is to represent our students an get their voice heard in ELO, TOKYO, AYY and the Aalto University in general. We also create and help to organize events for students.

FC Kissat

FC Kissat FC Kissat is a football club for female students in the Aalto University. FC Kissat is a team about good fun and exercise, and is open to players of all levels. We have members from first year students to recently graduated, all differing in our football experience but share the passion for this […]

Film Club Montaasi

Montaasi is a film club whose aim is to promote knowledge of the art and craft of film. The club offers fellow cinephiles a chance to meet each other and make their own films. Since 1957, hundreds of films have been made at Montaasi. Montaasi organizes filmmaking courses, film industry excursions, a film night every […]

Forest Products Guild

Puunjalostajakilta (PJK, pronounced somewhat like [Po: yie: kho:]) was founded in 1945 and has around 140 members. The guild organises events, activities and excursions for students who are interested in wood and bioproduct technology. The main goal is to provide balance to the hard schoolwork, unify students around Finland and introduce the working life opportunities. […]

Friends of the User

Friends of the User (Käyttäjän ystävät) is an open group for everyone who are interested in usability, user experience, user centric methods and service design. We promote networking amongst the students and professionals by arranging excursions and other more casual events. By following our channels you get more information about the job opportunities and education […]

Fundi ry – Real Estate Economics Association

Fundi ry is Aalto University’s real estate economics students’ association. Fundi’s purpose is to create a link between the students of real estate economics and the companies within the property sector. Fundi organizes events in which students can get to know each other and the companies in the real estate sector. These events can be […]


GAYY unites LGBT students at Aalto University and arranges events that are open to anyone, such as Otaniemi GayDay, which takes place annually around Pride. Along with student parties we also have other gatherings. Members enjoy excellent benefits! We welcome you to join the most proud, brave and beautiful association at Aalto University! Keep up […]

Geotechnical and Rock Engineers’ Club

The Geotechnical and Rock Engineers’ Club (Maa- ja kalliorakentajat ry in Finnish, or MKR for short) was established in 1946 to link students interested in geoengineering to each other. The club facilitates successful relationships and cooperation between students, alumni, and companies in the domain of civil engineering (especially soil mechanics, foundation engineering and rock engineering). […]

GRRR ry – Organisation of the students of Visual Communication Design

GRRR ry is the student association for the students of Visual Communication Design (VCD) in the Department of Media at Aalto Arts. We aim to enhance the everyday school life of VCD students by arraging freetime activities of low threshold: workshops and Drink & Draw evenings, for example. We also encourage our first year students to […]


GURU was established in 1996 to unite the student who study extended curriculum in science. Since then, GURU has kept watch of the interests of its members and organized various events for them. The association offers a chance to study as well as to party together for an unforgettable experience. Information about GURUs events can […]

Helsinki Academic Male Choir KYL

Helsinki Academic Male Choir KYL The men envy us and the women adore us. And why not the other way round too. Brotherly misadventures, dubious humor, never-ending sauna evenings, occasional bending the elbow, and charming audiences ‒ since 1949 KYL has changed young men’s notion of what male choir singing is about. KYL gives your […]

Hernesaaren Näädät

Hernesaaren Näädät is the oldest and most successful business student-run hockey club in Finland. The team plays in division 3 of the Finnish Ice-Hockey Association, and has weekly practices and games when the hockey season is on. The club also organizes other hockey-related events all throughout the year. If you would like to join the […]

Hiipivät lohikäärmeet ry

Hiipivät lohikäärmeet is Aalto University’s own Tai chi association. Everybody from Aalto is warmly welcome!


HitchPro is an association founded in 2015. Its goal is to promote hitchhiking culture and more generally to improve caring and trust between strangers in the society. In addition the association aims to bring new people to hitchhiking and to lower the threshold to start hitchhiking as a hobby. The main event of the association […]

HVAC engineering club

HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) engineering club is an association for Aalto-University students who are interested in HVAC-technology, building services and energy technology in buildings. As a member of HVAC engineering club, you can participate in many kind of activities, like excursions, social evenings, seminars, building fair etc…  HVAC-club has almost 70 year old history as […]

IDBM Klubi

IDBM Klubi is more than a subject club – we’re a student driven community of business, design and technology professionals with diverse cultural backgrounds. Our network consists of more than 500 students, graduates and friends of the International Design Business Management (IDBM) masters program (, living and working all over the world. We are thinkers […]

Information Networks Guild – Athene ry

Athene is the students’ guild of the Degree Programme of Information Networks. It is one of the youngest guilds at Aalto University. Despite the short history, Athene is very active in arranging lots of fun stuff for its members. Activities include e.g. sports events, parties and industry related events. Currently there are a little over […]

Inkubio ry

Inkubio ry is a guild in Aalto University for the students of bioinformation technology. We began as a student association in 2003 and gained a special status in 2007, hence being one of the youngest guild in Aalto University Student Union. The guild aims to educate freshmen, provide activities and supervise their members’ rights. For example, […]

Jazz association Polirytmi

Polirytmi is a “dynamically syncopated” student jazz association in Otaniemi. The association consists of a few different groups that were formed over the years. The history goes way back to 1991! Jazz is the Thing for many of us although rhythm music in general plays a prominent part in our lives. Dignified roots of Afro-American […]


Jury is a subject club for business law students, established in 2003. Club aims to bring together business law students, to protect its members interests and study opportunities and to improve relations to future employers. Events vary from excursions to casual nightouts and all AYY members are welcome to join! The biggest, most legendary events […]

Kaledonistit – Hart House Finnish Exchange

Kaledonistit is an exchange program between three universities in Helsinki and the University of Toronto in Canada. The exchange was founded in 1951 by students of the Helsinki University of Technology. Nowadays, the exchange is open to students of Aalto University, the University of Helsinki and the Hanken School of Economics. In Canada, the program […]

Kooma Ry

Kooma student association Kooma is the student association for the students of Art Education in the Department of Art at Aalto Arts. We aim to enhance the everyday school life of the students by being up to date with what’s happening in the university and in the field of art education, and by making the […]


Conclave Croquet Conclave is a croquet association from Otaniemi. Mission of the Conclave is to develop and maintain the croquet culture in Otaniemi and the entire world! The purpose of the Conclave is to bring together students of Aalto-university that are interested in croquet and to make the croquet culture better known for students. In […]


KUJ. Those three letters originate from the Finnish word Kulttuurijaosto. It is almost impossible to avoid those three letters as they are visible almost everywhere within KY’s student culture. Regardless, a lot more is concealed behind them than one would even dare to suggest. Covert, that is something what KUJ is. Even though the door […]

KY Accounting ry

KY Accounting KY Accounting is the Aalto University School of Business’ student association representing the subject of accounting, driving the students’ interest in relation to the department of accounting, student union and business. We organize e.g. company visits, career nights and get-togethers for our members. Events are open to all school students, but are usually aimed […]

KY Communication

KY Communication, in short KY Comms, is a subject organisation for the students majoring or minoring in communication at Aalto University School of Business. Our events and activities give our students an opportunity to build their future career, learn professional skills and network. We organize excursions, trainings, workshops, career events, alumni activities – and also […]

KY Finance

Information about KY-Finance: Historically KY Finance has been a club for students majoring in Finance at Aalto University School of Economics. However, on 2012 onwards we decided to open our member base to cover all Aalto University students and we warmly welcome every finance-interested mind to participate our events and experience the KY Finance spirit. […]

KY Finance

KY Finance is an English-speaking association for Finance students and students interested in Finance at Aalto University. KY Finance’s goal is to help finance students to develop knowledge and skills relevant to the field, and to connect talented students with the top employers. KY Finance cooperates with multiple local and international companies to organize high […]

KY Ice ry

Ky Ice is a skating club held by students in Aalto University. We normally practise on Fridays from 2pm to 3pm in Helsinki Ice hall (Arena-rink) Nordenskiöldinkatu 11-13, 00250 Helsinki. Every student in Aalto University is more than welcome to come train with us! We do not insure our skaters, so you are responsibe for […]

KY United

KY United is 1999 established football culture association for Aalto University students. The club participates futsal leagues during the semesters and football and beach football tournaments during summer season. We have around 40 active players in the competitions. Moreover, we offer weekly futsal practices open for all Aalto University students.

KY-Kannus ry

KY‐Kannus was established in 1999 and since then it has kept up the riding traditions of Aalto University School of Business. Kannus gives an opportunity for students to continue their hobby at the university, and additionally, familiarizes new enthusiasts with horse riding. Kannus organizes a wide range of horse riding events throughout the year for […]


KY-Kori is a traditional basketball team of business students at Alto which was founded already in 1977. The team competes in men’s 3rd division of Finnish southern area and practices twice a week. In addition to practices and games we have casual events outside the court to get together and have fun. We are happy […]


KY-Missio is the Christian association of KY with the aim of bringing together the Christian business students and of displaying the gospel in our school.   Our activity is based on Bible, that is, we believe that God exists and through Jesus whoever can find a true relationship with Him. Thus, Christianity is not a […]


Aim hai! The aviation club KY-mppi is one of the most active clubs of KY. KY-mppi organizes a wide variety of events from skydiving to cultural events, big and small. The annual Kymppisuora, a pub crawl that starts KY’s Wappu, and Uusi nousu twice a year after Boston Night and the Annual Ball are traditional […]

KY-Sail ry

KY-Sail ry is the Aalto University School of Business Sailing Club, established in 2006. The purpose of KY-Sail is to promote sailing and the sailing culture among students. All events hosted by KY-Sail are open to all students at Aalto University. Our yearly events are for example Sailing days and Sailing schools, KY-Sail Summer Cruise, the […]


KY-Ski is the legendary skiing-club of Aalto University School of Business. As one of the oldest clubs in the whole university, our golden aim is to spread the joy of skiing culture all around us (after-ski strongly included). We arrange cool events & trips from Finnish ski-resorts to all the way to the Alps. Surfing […]


KY-Slice is a swingy golf club which has brought golf enthusiastic students together since 1984. KY-Slice organises numerous golf-related events annually. KY-Slice welcomes all students to get on board – whether you’re a sunday-enjoyer or a true pro. We’re more than happy to participate everyone interested into our legendary events, in which there’s guaranteed to […]

KY-Speksi ry

KY-Speksi is an improvisation musical made by Aalto University Business Students. There is music and singing, dancing and acting in the Speksi – not forgetting the fancy script! The actors play their roles both by the script and the audience: When someone shouts ”Omstart!”, the scene will be played again with a little twist. While […]


KY International Subcommittee (KY-SUB) is a student-driven organization for international business students, mainly focused on exchange students. The subcommittee was founded in 2006 to enhance the communication between local and international students by organizing trips, events and parties. We create unforgettable memories and friendships with our trips to Lapland, St. Petersburg and Stockholm every semester. […]

KYllä Oluelle

  KYllä Oluelle, founded in 2014, is the beer society of Aalto University. We organize beer tastings with breweries, excursions and our very own beers to quench your thirst for delicious beer. We want to gather all Aalto Students interested in beer – young and old, newbies and aficionados- and provide a platform where we […]


Female Choir KYN, founded in 1981, has always made music with ambition, passion and a creative angle. By means of commissioned pieces, it has broken musical boundaries, renewed choral repertoire and created a new genre of choral music, ethnic jazz. In ethnic jazz, elements of folk music and traditional texts fuse with the rhythm and […]


KYppendales on Aalto-yliopistossa vuonna 2015 perustettu tanssiesiintymisryhmä. Esiinnymme erilaisissa tapahtumissa ympäri vuoden ja järjestämme avoimia treenejä kaikille. Tanssilajimme ovat monipuolisia ja vakituiset jäsenet vaikuttavat pitkälti siihen eri taidoillaan. Räätälöimme esityksiä toiveiden mukaan – älä epäröi ottaa yhteyttä ja kysy lisää! KYppendales is an Aalto University -based performing dance troupe established in 2015. We are an […]

Lämpövoimakerho (Energy Engineering Club)

Energy Engineering Club (LVK) unites students who study and are interested in energy technology and all things related to energy. The purpose of our club is to help energy technology students get to know each other, give them an opportunity to develop their own professional skills and offer the industry a chance to get to […]

Landscape Architecture Student Association Vista

Landscape Architecture Student Association Vista is a non-profit registered association whose purpose is to promote the role of landscape architecture in Aalto University as well as in all parts of Finland. The association collaborates with different companies related to landscape architecture, other student associations as well as with the Finnish Association of Landscape Architects MARK. […]

LRK – Shipbuilder’s club

LRK is a club for students studying Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering in Aalto University School of Engineering. LRK is established in 1947 and today it has more than 50 active student members. LRK is managed by the board, which consists usually of 10 persons. LRK’s main goal is to take care of students social […]

Luova Aalto

Luova Aalto connects people from various backgrounds to try new things, have fun and find their creativity in an inspiring atmosphere! The mission of Luova Aalto is to connect people interested in creativity. We are a community, in which it is possible to attend interesting events, learn new things about creativity and find your creative […]


MAIK is an association uniting the Aalto University Guilds of Surveying engineering, Architecture, and Civil engineering. The purpose is to create relaxed collaboration and networking with other students that in the future will be working closely together in the same field. Every year MAIK organizes traditional events, such as a sitsi-party in the fall term […]

Metal Club Mökä ry

Metal Club Mökä is a cultural association focused on metal music, operating within Aalto University student union. Mökä was founded in 1998. The purpose of the association is to bring together the metal music lovers of Aalto University as well as organize related events and activities. The core activities of the association are the monthly sauna […]

Movie Club TIKELO

Tikelo was founded in 1965 to provide entertainment for the students at the Business School. Nowadays we are open to all those interested in movies, regardless of school. We try to satisfy our audience with a perfect balance of mainstream and arts. We organize movie nights with different themes both on our own and in […]

NESU-Probba ry

NESU-Probba is the NESU-organization of Aalto University School of Business, Mikkeli Campus. The organization was founded in 2007 and at the time it was part of the student organization Probba. Since 2011 NESU-Probba has been an independent organization arranging annually at least six academic dinner parties called “sits”. The organization works in cooperation with 12 […]


Nippoli is an association for learners of Japanese language and for anyone interested in Japan or Japanese culture. We organize various events with the Japanese exchange students currently in the area and other students who are studying Japanese language. Our main events are the sauna parties which are held around four to five times a […]

Nuoret Designerit Ry

Nuoret Designerit Ry, or as commonly known, NuDe is the subject association of the Department of Design at Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. We aim to make the students’ lives better and take care of the student advocacy of the department. NuDe is also a community for everyone interested in design and art at […]

Oranki Climbing

Oranki brings climbers in Aalto University together. We like to hang on the wall inside and outside. We have climbingsessions weekly and other events on monthly bases. We have 0ur own bouldering room in Otaniemi(Jämeräntaival 3 a). Cave is open two times a week so anyone interested can come and test climbing. It is also […]


OtaKoppi is a Finnish baseball (pesäpallo) club. During the summer we organize weekly playing sessions for everybody interested in the game. If you want more information, see our web page (in Finnish) or contact


Otakut is an Espoo based anime club affiliated with the Student Union of Aalto-university, established in May 1996 to support hobbies related to Japanese animated movies, series and comics. Our name derives from a Japanese word meaning a fanatic or a very devoted fan. If you like anime or “cartoons”, this club is for you. […]

Otaniemen karaokelaulajat

Otaniemen karaokelaulajat (Otakala) is a karaoke club located in Otaniemi. We organise karaoke evenings and other related activities. Everyone is welcome to our events, no actual skill in singing required. We also rent our equipment.

Otaniemi Billiards Association

Otaniemi Billiards Association (Biklu) is founded in 2005. It offers its members the possibility to play billiards inexpensively in Otaniemi. Biklu owns one 12′ snooker- and one 9′ pool-table and the cloths of the tables are changed regularly due to which the playing conditions are great for both casual and competitive play. To be able […]

Otaniemi Fight Club

The association’s purpose is to enhance the opportunities of the students of Aalto University to practice martial arts and related activities and to act as liaison for its members. We offer our members weekly free form training sessions, but also courses with instructors. We’ve organized courses by the titles “Intro to Mixed Martial Arts” and […]

Otaniemi Roleplaying Club

Otaniemi Roleplaying Club members, also known as orcs, are a mixed bunch of Aalto students with a common interest in board, roleplaying, card, and miniature games. We are also active in the fields of live-action roleplaying games, boffering, and historical dances. Gaming Evenings Many orcs, especially the young and restless ones, tend to measure their […]

Otaniemi Urban Gardening association

The Otaniemi Urban Gardening association rents allotment plots in Martti Levón park (next to Ossinlampi pond) in Otaniemi. There are 45 plots that are from 7 to 24 square metres large. The association promotes and develops urban gardening among the employees, students and associations of the Aalto University. You can contact the association via email […]

Otanko ry

Pole dance for students in Otaniemi! Would you like to have impressive biceps and a stunning sixpack but you are completely tired of gyms and body pumps? The answer is pole dance! And the best thing is, now you can pole dance in Otaniemi! Otanko ry is an association operating in the vicinity of AYY. […]

Otaonnela Floorball ry

Otaonnela Floorball, FLOB, is a member club of the Finnish Floorball Federation (SSBL). The club has three men’s and three women’s teams. Floorball activities With the number of adult player licences (107 pcs, 6 Jan 2014), FLOB is the 27th largest floorball club in Finland. The club teams pursue success in SSBL’s leagues and the […]


OUBS ry is digital media club focused on sharing student culture and events to te rest of the world and recording it for future generations. In OUBS you can capture your friends funniest moments and AYY’s most spectacular events. You can learn videography, live tv production, video- and audio editing. Checkout our Youtube-channel and website. […]


Rock! PELMU runs a fully equipped band rehearsal room in Otaniemi open for all members of AYY (and their friends!) We have drums, guitar amps, bass amp, synthesizer, digital piano, microphones, mixer and PA. Rental prices are very student friendly. We also organize two big annual parties in Servin Mökki, Otaniemi, where our bands can play to a live student […]

Poligoni ry

Poligoni is a student association in Aalto University for people interested in geoinformatics. Most of our members are studying geoinformation technology (GIS), cartography, photogrammetry, remote sensing or geodesy. Our main goals are to promote our field to new students and to connect students and organizations. Exchange students are welcome to join our events. We organize […]


Polijazz is a dance association, where you get to dance in cheerful and supporting atmosphere. We offer dance styles from street to contemporary dance. Program changes every semester, so check what we have to you right now. Polijazz arranges weekly dance lessons and short courses lasting few weeks in Otaniemi that both beginners and more […]

Polin Canastakerho

The Canasta Club of Poli (PoCa) is an association that aims to increase the playing of a card game called Canasta among the members of AYY. Our goal is to unite people who are interested in playing Canasta and to organize different kinds of events for our members. We organize game nights and organize and attend […]

Polin Go-kerho

Polin Go-kerho pyrkii edistämään Go-pelin harrastusta AYY:n jäsenten keskuudessa. Kerho järjestää peli-illat lähes joka maanantai kello 18 lähtien Maarintalolla (Sähkömiehentie 3, 2. krs). Toimintaan kuuluu myös turnauksien ja muiden aiheeseen liittyvien tapahtumien järjestäminen. Ajankohtaista tietoa löytyy Suomigo-wikistä osoitteessa Lisäksi voitte käydä tykkäämässä FB-sivuistamme:

Polin Go-kerho

Polin Go-kerho pyrkii edistämään Go-pelin harrastusta AYY:n jäsenten keskuudessa. Kerho järjestää peli-illat lähes joka maanantai kello 18 lähtien Maarintalolla (Sähkömiehentie 3, 2. krs). Toimintaan kuuluu myös turnauksien ja muiden aiheeseen liittyvien tapahtumien järjestäminen. Ajankohtaista tietoa löytyy Suomigo-wikistä osoitteessa Lisäksi voitte käydä tykkäämässä FB-sivuistamme: Polin Go-kerho aims to promote the game of Go within […]

Polin lääketieteellisen tekniikan yhdistys

What is Plätty? Plätty (Eng. Pancake) is an organisation for students interested in biophysics and biomedical engineering. The name is abbreviation for “Polin lääketieteellisen tekniikan yhdistys” which loosely translates into Organisation of Biomedical Engineering in Polytechnic (university). Objectives Plätty gathers together all the persons who have interest in biophysics and biomedical engineering. It creates and […]

Polin lääketieteellisen tekniikan yhdistys

What is Plätty? Plätty (Eng. Pancake) is an organisation for students interested in biophysics and biomedical engineering. The name is abbreviation for “Polin lääketieteellisen tekniikan yhdistys” which loosely translates into Organisation of Biomedical Engineering in Polytechnic (university). Objectives Plätty gathers together all the persons who have interest in biophysics and biomedical engineering. It creates and maintains […]


Polygame is a club for gaming enthusiasts, regardless of platform or genre. Our goal is to promote gaming as the good recreational activity it is. Among the platforms and genres supported and enjoyed by our members are: The latest bleeding edge PCs at our own clubroom! Gaming server with 10GE connection, training facilities at club […]

Polytechnical Sauna Society

Goal of the Polytechnical Sauna Society (PTSS) is to bring together people interested in sauna and sauna culture as well as promote knowledge in sauna culture and uphold the sauna traditions in the Otaniemi campus area.

Polyteknikkojen kalastusseura (Fishing Club POKA)

The best fishing club in AYY operates at a wide sector trying to pursue all forms of fishing. The most represented are the traditional pike and trout fishing, fly fishing and ice fishing in every way imaginable. Throughout history there have been numerous great catches, bitter letdowns and legendary stories, and new adventures are continuously […]

POLyteknikkojen Lähi- ja Ulkoavaruuden Xqrsiot (Pollux)

Pollux is the astronomy and model rocketry club at Aalto University. Our activities include excursions to astronomical research facilities, sauna and movie evenings, stargazing trips and model rocketry activities. During the school semesters there are different types of events typically every one or two weeks. In 2002 Pollux became the second model rocketry club in Finland. After […]

Polyteknikkojen olutkulttuurin edistämisyhdistys

POLKU is the Aalto University students’ beer club located in Otaniemi. Our mission is to further the cause of excellent beer. We aim to promote Finnish beer, increase knowledge of different beer styles and culture among students, and to study and develop the science of brewing beer.

Polyteknikkojen partioklubi Teepakki ry

Teepakki is a club of students of Aalto University, who are interested in outdoor recreation. We have both ex-scouts and people with no scouting experience. The uniting factor is interest in outdoor activities. We organize different treks from day trips to one week skiing hikes, sauna evenings, excursions to interesting places and much more. Our shorter […]

Polyteknikkojen Radiokerho Ry.

PRK (Polyteknikkojen Radiokerho Ry.) is a club for those Aalto University students who are interested in amateur radio or electronics. We have clubmeetings (almost) every thursday at 19.00 in our clubroom at the top floor of Jämeräntaival 3 A. In addition to our living room-like radio station we have a well-equipped workshop for your electronical […]

Polyteknikkojen Raittiusseura

Polyeteknikkojen Raittiusseura, freely translated as the sobriety society of students studying technology, is a division of the guild of Industrial Engineering and Managamanet, Prodeko, here at the Aalto University. PoRa, short for Polyteknikkojen Raittiusseura, has both an ideological as well as an athletic side to its operations. When originally founded in 1969, the mission was […]

Polyteknikkojen Saunaseura ry

PTSS:n tarkoituksena on yhdistää saunomisesta ja saunakulttuurista kiinnostuneita opiskelijoita ja edistää saunakulttuurien tuntemusta sekä vaalia Otaniemen kampusalueen saunaperinteitä.

Probba ry

Probba Ry is the official student organization of Aalto University School of Business, Mikkeli Campus. For more information about Aalto BIZ Mikkeli, check out Probba was founded in 1989, the same year as the original BBA-program. This is also where the name Probba originates from; Pro BBA, Latin for “For BBA”. Later the program […]

Process Industrial Club (PrTK)

Process Industrial Club (Prosessiteknillinen kerho or PrTK in Finnish) was found in 1975 to be an association for students interested in process technology and engineering disciples. Our purpose is to be a bond between the industry and students interested in working in the process industry, and uphold and form close relations to the industry. Process […]

Prosessiteekkarit ry

Prosessiteekkarit ry is a University association, which was founded in 2012 as a result of the degree reform in the School of Chemical Technology. The association is still young, but its operations became fully functional in autumn 2013 as the new freshmen arrived. The association guides freshmen from the Chemical and Bioproduct Technology degree programmes as […]

PSK Kupla ry

Polyteknikkojen Sukellusseura Kupla on vuonna 1979 perustettu seura, jolla on vahvat juuret Otaniemen ylioppilaskuntaperinteissä. Seuraan kuuluu noin 300 jäsentä, joista suurin osa on Aalto-yliopiston opiskelijoita tai jo valmistuneita vanhempia tieteenharjoittajia. Seuran tavoitteena on luoda jäsenistölleen turvalliset puitteet harrastaa laite- ja vapaasukellusta, sekä uppopallotoimintaa.   Kupla järjestää vuosittain sukelluskursseja ylläpitääkseen ja kehittääkseen jäsentensä sukellustaitoja. Sukellusretket ovat […]


PTNKY is all about the joys of life, decadence and hedonism. And of course petanque! PTNKY was founded in the aftermaths of the Helsinki Olympics and ever since it has been spicing up the student life scene of Helsinki. This organization was out of action for decades but it was resurrected in the fall of […]


PUS-Hockey is an ice-hockey team from Otaniemi and Aalto university. We play in finnish third division during the winter, and participate every year in the Nordic student championship (NSC) tournament.  


Puumekanistikerho (the Club of Mechanical wood) is a student association for students of wood technology and those interested in wood engineering. The association organises events for its members, varying from excursions to parties and other pastime events, and acts as a link between the students and the wood engineering industry. The association warmly welcomes all […]

Puumekanistikerho ry

Puumekanistikerho is a student association for students of wood technology and those interested in wood engineering. The association organizes events for its members, varying from excursions to parties and other pastime events, and acts as a link between the students and the wood engineering industry. Puumekanistikerho also works in close co-operation with the laboratory of […]

Queer Aalto

Queer Aalto, or “Q” for short, (which until fall 2010 operated under name Telehpy) is an LGBT organization for all Aalto students. We arrange all kinds of activities for gays, lesbians and other not-so-straight people. Come join us and see that even gays are just regular people. More information can be found on our website: […]

Rakennesuunnittelun ammattiainekerho Vääntö

Vääntö is a club of structural engineering and it literally translates into torsion. Vääntö was revived at the new year 2006-2007 to encourage students to take structural engineering and to bring them together. Vääntö, that acted before, terminated 10 before that. The function the the club is to motivate studying structural engineering and to bring […]

Sähkövoimatekniikan kerho

Sähkövoimatekniikan kerho (SVTK) is Aalto ELEC’s subject club for electrical engineering founded in 1977.


Skipoli is a skiing club. No matter what your skills are or whether you ski, snowboard or just enjoy the after-ski, Skipoli is your go-to association for unmatched winter fun. As a wise man once said, “Skiing is the easy part”. Skipoli is a family. Our members can be found everywhere from the local resorts […]

Sustainable Business Club ry

Sustainable Business Club (SBC) is a vibrant community of students enthusiastic about sustainable business. We help our members build skills, connect to potential employers, and network with other sustainability-oriented people by organizing various skill development workshops, company excursions, and ‘On the Couch’ discussion nights.

Taideko: Korean Arts and Design Association in Finland

Taideko is the first Korean arts & design association in Finland and a non-profitable association. The association, Taideko, is a portmanteau of ‘taide’ (‘art’ in Finnish), ‘design’, and ‘Korea’. We play a key role in enhancing mutual understanding between Korean and Finnish cultures through arts and design. We would like to share information and knowledge, […]

Teekkariampujat ry

Teekkariampujat ry (TA) is a sport shooting club. Our members are mostly Aalto students or graduates, but even outsiders can generally join us. Our sport of choice is practical shooting (IPSC), and we utilize pistols, rifles, as well as shotguns. To practice with us on the shooting range, you need to go through a safety […]

Teekkarien Autokerho ry

Teekkarien Autokerho or TAK for short is the Aalto University students’ car club operating in Otaniemi. TAK is a registered association operating within AYY. TAK offers following equipment to rent for the members of the club: a Toyota Hiace van a  car trailer a light trailer a trailer with hard cover the Autosauna – our […]

Teekkarimetsästäjät (TeMe, hunting)

Teme is a hunting club within the student union of Aalto University. It was founded in 1967, and has grown ever since. We currently have about 50 active members. We have many activities, from moose hunting on our own hunting grounds to small predator population control in water bird preservation area. Our history also holds […]

Teekkaripurjehtijat ry

Trip offers a variety of sailing activities in the Helsinki archipelago and further away. The smell of teak oil, brisk sea air and the sound of waves splashing against the boat – and who wouldn’t want to experience the Finnish sauna on a deserted island? Whether you are an experienced sea dog or an ordinary […]

Teekkarireserviläiset – TERES ry

Teekkarireserviläiset – TERES ry is a reservist association for members of Aalto University Student Union. Teekkarireserviläiset was founded in March 9th, 1954 with the name of Teekkariupseerit (TRIUPS). The name was changed to Teekkarireserviläiset in March 29th, 1977. The association was listed to the register of associations in January 28th, 1999. During the registration the […]


Teekkariratsastajat is one of the largest horseback riding organization for students in the metropolitan area of Finland. We organize riding courses and camps for both the beginners and more advanced riders several times a year. Welcome!  

Teekkarispeksi ry

Speksi is like theater, but more fun! Speksi is an interactive music theater where the audience can influence the events on stage with “Omstart!” yells. When Omstart is yelled, actors improvise the situation that has just happened with a new twist, and maybe the orchestra and the dancers get spontaneously involved too. The end result is a fun, […]

Teekkarisuunnistajat, orienteering

Teekkarisuunnistajat (TeekSu) is association for orienteers and those who are interested in orienteering in Aalto. Some of the organized events are: Sauna evenings monthly, with an orienteering practice first and then sauna, food, drinks, and good company Pre-christmas party in December Weekly floorball practice in Otahalli Joint running practices with other TeekSu members Part-taking in […]


Teknologföreningen is the swedish speaking student nation at Aalto University.

Teknologorkestern Humpsvakar

In the stronghold of technology- and snaps singing culture, in Otaniemi, Finland, resides a small group of men and women with a varying aptitude for music. These folk, dressed in black and sporting medals, have been spotted blowing in their horns on various occasions and parties near you. Sometimes they are even invited. When you […]

The Chemistry Guild

The history of the Chemistry Guild begins from 1891; making it the oldest guild in Aalto University. The Chemistry Guild has few hundred members, so while we are not the biggest we are certainly the most beautiful guild. The Guild’s symbol is a white neon atom on a blue background. The official color of the […]

The Computer Science Guild

The Computer Science Guild (TiK) is the student association for computer science students, founded in 1986. The guild has approximately 900 student members, most of whom study computer science at Aalto University School of Science (SCI). The guild has diverse activity: The guild assists in your studies, keeps up contact with the Department of Computer […]

The Guild of Architecture

The Guild of Architecture is the subject association for students of architecture and landscape architecture, operating within the Student Union of Aalto University. Though the guild was founded already in 1908, it is better known for its creative state of mind rather than long lasting traditions. Among the tasks of the guild are promoting the […]

The Guild of Automation and Systems Technology

The purpose of the Guild of Automation and Systems Technology is to connect the engineering students of Automation and Information Technology with that of Automation and Systems Technology as well as to promote their interests at the university and to inspire them to pursue professional and general social issues. The majority of the students of […]

The Guild of Civil and Environmental Engineers IK

The Guild of Civil and Environmental Engineers (IK) at the Aalto University gathers all students of energy and environmental technology and civil and environmental engineering under one roof, acting as a student association and looking after the students’ interests. Among other things, the Guild plans and organizes cultural benefits, sports activities, academic ‘sitsi’-parties as well […]

The Guild of Industrial Engineering – Prodeko

The Guild of Industrial Engineering Prodeko is one of the smallest, but also the most active guilds of Otaniemi. Prodeko acts as a link between the students of Industrial Engineering and Department of Industrial Engineering, the Aalto University Student Union and the corporate world. Prodeko also organizes leisure activities, these include the so-called professional activities, as […]

The Guild of Industrial Engineering and Management – Prodeko

The Guild of Industrial Engineering Prodeko is one of the smallest, but also the most active guilds of Otaniemi. Prodeko acts as a link between the students of Industrial Engineering and Department of Industrial Engineering, the Aalto University Student Union and the corporate world. Prodeko also organizes leisure activities, these include the so-called professional activities, as […]

The Guild of Materials and Metallurgy Students VK

Vuorimieskilta (VK) is a society for students interested in Materials Science and Engineering at Aalto University. It was founded in 1947. The guild can be referred to as the Guild of Materials and Metallurgy Students in English. The guild organizes many different activities for its members. There are for example parties, “sitsit” dinner parties, sport […]

The Guild of Mechanical Engineers

The Guild of Mechanical Engineers (KIK) is an organization for the mechanical and civil engineering students and the energy engineering students who started before 2012 in the Aalto University School of Engineering. The guild was founded in 1915 and is one of the biggest in Otaniemi with around 1000 members. KIK takes care of new […]

The Guild of Physics

The Guild of Engineering Physics and Mathematics at Aalto University is called Fyysikkokilta, FK in short, or the Guild of Physics in English. Fyysikkokilta was founded in 1947 and has nowadays around 450 members. The Guild offers its members a variety of activities both in Otaniemi and outside it, organizes a large variety of events, […]

The Guild of Surveying Engineering

The Guild of Surveying Engineers (Maanmittarikilta, MK), established in 1901, is the oldest student guild in Finland which still receives new students every year. Even though our guild is at respectful age, our activities are still fresh and energetic. Guild has around 400 members, who are brought together by common interest towards built environment, real […]

The Guild of the Cross

The Guild of the Cross is an interdenominational Christian student organisation at Aalto University founded in 1947. We share a faith in Jesus Christ, our Saviour. Our meetings are held every Wednesday at 18:45 at the Otaniemi Chapel. The evenings typically consist of a teaching (usually in Finnish) on different matters of Christian life, hanging […]

The Metal Club

The Metal Club, founded in 1958, is an association for the students studying Materials Science and Engineering. The club has good relations with the companies and professionals of the field of materials and regularly organizes visits to interesting companies as well as events with company presentations. Every two years, a longer excursion abroad is organized […]

The Polytech Choir

PK (the Polytech Choir) is an academic Finnish male choir renowned for its open-minded attitude to music and life. Consisting of singers from Helsinki University of Technology, the choir draws its strength from its members’ enjoyment of working together and rising to new challenges. PK refuses to compromise over its musical ambition and high standard […]

The Polytech Orchestra

The Polytech Orchestra (PO), founded in 1922,  is a student symphony orchestra with around 100 active members. We are one of the numerous organizations coordinated by the Aalto University Student Union. Most of us are students or alumni at Aalto University but there are students and graduates from other universities as well. The orchestra is […]


Student Association TOKYO is a student organization which aims to bring together students of Aalto University’s School of Arts, Design and Architechture as well as its former students, the alumni. TOKYO supports the goals of the students by taking an active role in public discourse in and out of Aalto University. The purpose of TOKYOs […]


Tuote, or Tuotekehityksen Opiskelijat – Tuote (Students of Product Development), is an association whos mission is to support and connect people studying or interested in product development. Tuote wants to bring together students from all disciplines and to work as a platform for interdisciplinary networking. We want to bring new opportunities to our members, and […]

Whisky club whisKY

Whisky club whisKY (officially registered as Helsingin kauppatieteilijöiden ylioppilaskunnan viskikerho ry. ) is a student club for business and other AYY students. We arrange tastings and other events, for example visits to distilleries. The events are casual, held mostly in english and everyone is welcome, even if you’ve never seen a whisky bottle! The easiest […]

Wine Club Baccus

Wine Club Baccus was founded already in the 1980s and the club’s goal have always been to promote wine culture and knowledge among the students of Aalto University. Baccus organizes about a dozen of events a year, mostly wine tastings. We also try to arrange a short trip to a different wine region every year. Our events are open to everyone, […]

Women of Aalto

Women of Aalto offers a platform for networking and peer support from like-minded students across all disciplines of Aalto University. We want to encourage students to network and share ideas about endorsing women and gender equality in everything we do. We aim to offer inspirational events with various themes and enhance our members’ personal skills […]