Rental of Facilities and Van

AYY rents sauna, sitsi, party and meeting facilities for one day at a time. You can find information and pictures on all facilities on their own pages.



Reservation of facilities until January 5th 2020 can be made via TILA system by using your own Aalto username and password.

Reservation will usually be confirmed in the system the next working day, after which the confirmed reservation will appear in blue in the reservation calendar. Please note that the system will only send an email about a confirmed reservation, if the user has chosen to receive this type of notifications in the TILA-system. More information at

In case you don’t have an Aalto account, you can make a reservation request using this form. Reservation of facilities should be done personally. The booker is responsible for facilities throughout the reservation.

Associations operating within AYY may book facilities in advance in the booking sessions organised in late spring and late autumn. More detailed information on the booking sessions can be found here (via association newsletter).


Payment details are sent by e-mail. Keys for facilities are not handed over unless the payment is made.

Please note that the person making the booking must be a member of the student union during the time of booking and rental in order to get the facility with the student price.

The prices for all facilities can be found here.


Keys to all premises can be collected on the same day for a receipt or payment at AYY’s Otaniemi Service Point. For weekend reservations, keys can be collected on Friday. Please check our opening hours first!

If you have forgotten to collect the keys, you should call the maintenance services:

  • Otaniemi, tel. 0200 155 00
  • Vaasankatu, tel. 010 270 8880
  • Atlantinkatu, tel. 050 300 9980

Please note that the maintenance company will charge you for their service (approximately 100-150 euros per visit).

The keys must be returned to Otaniemi Service Point (or our mailbox) by 12noon the following day.


The reservation of chargeable facilities must be cancelled 14 days prior to the date of use, otherwise the person who booked the facilities has to pay the rent. Facilities free of charge must be cancelled 1 day prior and the van 2 days prior to the date of use.

Cancellations are made by logging in to the TILA system. The system will automatically send a email reminder ca. 3 weeks before the reservation date.

If you don’t have an Aalto account, you can cancel your reservation by sending email to the service point ( 14 days before the reservation date.

Heating of sauna

Users must inform Otaniemi Service Point about exceptional heating hours of the sauna no later than one week before the reservation, as the heatings will be ordered the previous Friday. A separate fee of €10 will be charged for changing the heating time. If you want to extend the heating time of the sauna, additional hours cost €10. The user must warm up the sauna by themself when arriving at the facility by switching on the heater in the following saunas: Atlantinkatu, Avain Sauna, Gorsu & Heinävaara.

Exceptions in the use of facilities

Facilities can also be rented for daytime. In this case, prices are negotiated individually with AYY.

It is possible to apply for the night user permission for Servin Mökki from AYY with this form. An additional fee will be charged.

Use of the facilities

The renter is responsible for rental facilities and movables for the whole time when the renter has the key for the facilities. See the usage rules to student union’s rental facilities here.

Cancelling the reservation right

The board of AYY decided in its meeting 14/2015 that the right to make reservations to AYY’s facilities will be removed from everyone who lacks to pay the rent after the first reminder. The reservation right will be returned once all unpaid rents have been paid.