Association Newsletter

The association newsletter is published on Fridays during the academic terms. The association newsletter is aimed at associations operating within AYY and their active members. News aimed at individual members are compiled into the weekly newsletter.

The association newsletter is submitted to the mailing list on Fridays, where contact details of the boards of associations within AYY are compiled. Anyone interested in association affairs may subscribe to the list. In addition, an identical newsletter is published on AYY’s website.  The association newsletter is published in three languages. The e-mail newsletter is published in Finnish, the language versions can be found on AYY’s website.

The association newsletter is edited by AYY’s Communications and Organisation Specialist.

Would you like to include your own news in the association newsletter? Please send a brief text by 10am on Wednesdays to the address News will be translated, you can submit your text in one language.

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