Teekkarien Autokerho ry

Hobby- och spelföreningar

Teekkarien Autokerho or TAK for short is the Aalto University students’ car club operating in Otaniemi. TAK is a registered association operating within AYY.

TAK offers following equipment to rent for the members of the club:

  • a Toyota Hiace van
  • a car trailer
  • a light trailer
  • a trailer with hard cover
  • the Autosauna – our mobile sauna which can be rented also by non-members

TAK also has two garages where members can service their cars or even do more time consuming and demanding restoration projects. The garages are equipped with basic tools necessary for typical car maintenance work. In addition to basic tools, we also have, for example, a tire machine, a wheel balancer, two MIG welders and a pit with waste oil collecting unit and a transmission jack.

TAK also organizes so called “ratapäivät” few times a year where both members and non-members get a chance to safely test their cars and driving skills on a proper racing track. The club also has a weekly sauna turn.

If you are interested in joining the car club or otherwise want to know more about TAK, you can send email to the club board mailing list (address below – just substitute the @-sign) or you can come by our garage (called “Alatalli”) at Jämeräntaival 1 (the garage is located in the corner nearest to Otaranta).


TAK board mailing list
tak-h (at) list.ayy.fi
A Toyota Hiace van, a car trailer, a light trailer, a trailer with hard cover, Autosauna (our mobile sauna)


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