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BEST (Board of European Students of Technology) is an international student-driven organization, consisting of 97 LBG (Local BEST Group) in 34 European countries. Through its partner universities BEST reaches over one million students across the continent. Its aim is to increase the readiness of its members to work and influence in the international environment though courses, engineering competitions and cultural events both locally and internationally. The Aalto University Local BEST Group BEST Helsinki has been an integral part of the Student Union since 1989. BEST Helsinki consists of about 35, mainly Finnish active members. For our events, over 100 students from all over Europe arrive each year in Otaniemi, and we are actively traveling to local BEST events by creating international networks.

The Board and the responsibles working together with the board are selected from the members in December, but BEST recruits new active members throughout the year. Members work together with the board and the responsibles to organize events, promote the BEST events, gather business partners, do fundraising and much more. The meetings mainly speak English, so language skills are essential. BEST is open to all students of Aalto.

The recruitment process is in BEST a three level model; the activity in the organization determines how much responsibility the member can give. Each new member who has not yet been attending the meetings actively has an Observer member status. When a new member has been attending three meetings, he progresses to the Baby Member, whereby a member is entitled to attend some of BEST’s international events. BEST enthusiasm and work in events are rewarded when the member can eventually be brought to a Full Member status. In this case, he has a clear say in the meetings, and the gates for all the internal events within the BEST will open.

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The Board acts as the main active group to maintain operations. Every member has their own responsibility, but everyone is expected to support each other in solidarity with the basic activities and events.

The President convenes meetings of the board and manages the long term operations, financial and strategic planning. He is also responsible for communicating with the International Board of BEST and represents the organization during Presidential Meetings with around 100 other Presidents across Europe. Requires plenty of experience with BEST’s activities at the local and international level.

The Corporate Relations responsible coordinates the fundraising and business relations of the organization. The CRr maintains a contact list for companies, funds and other partners and is also responsible for event-specific communications to those organizations. Experience in managing business relationships is an advantage, but the most important thing is the attitude.

The Treasurer sits on the BEST accounts and is responsible for managing the budget and money matters between AYY, the members of the BEST, and the sponsoring companies. Suitable for new members.

The Secretary’s responsibilities include: arranging meetings, drawing up minutes of meetings, archiving and internal communication within the organization. Suitable for new members.

The Public Relations officer acts as a marketer and disseminator of information about the various events. The PR officer is responsible for all external relations, supported by a few responsible members (social media responsible, IT responsible, graphical designer). He is responsible for arranging promotional events, hosting the Facebook site, and other external communications. Experience from for example. image processing skills, social media, marketing, etc. is an advantage, but the most important thing is the attitude.

Human Resources Officer is responsible for recruiting and integrating new members into the organization, maintaining knowledge transfer, motivating members, and increasing general knowledge.

Examples of responsible members working together with the board:

IT Manager maintains and develops the organization’s website and manages email lists. Suitable for new members.

Social Media Responsible acts as the right hand of a PR representative maintaining and developing visibility in social media. Suitable for new members.

The communications officer works in co-operation with the PR officer, maintaining e-mail traffic within and outside the organization. The tasks include: tracking international mailing lists and communicating important information to members, communicating in chat groups, and creating a monthly newsletter for all students. Suitable for new members.

The club room manager is responsible for maintaining and developing the club room at BEST MOBIL JMT11AB. Suitable for new members.

Grants responsible is looking for and writing applications for grants to support and grow BEST’s activities. The international organization has a lot of opportunities to raise grants, and a large number of opportunities have yet to be used. Suitable for new members.

A graphical designer produces visual content on social media, web pages, posters, banners, and so on.

Other active members: You can also join a general active member. Separate committees will be created for each project and event where any member can join.


“To join BEST Helsinki was the one of the smartest decisions during my fantastic stay in Finland. BEST and its amazing members offered me a unique opportunity to explore the Finnish student life in a really authentic way. Much more authentic than the framework of my Erasmus+ exchange programme would be able to.

I got integrated really quickly into BEST Helsinki. Soon I had more Finnish friends than the most of the other international students. Together we managed several projects and tried to lay the foundation for to become a more sustainable local group of BEST and use the great possibilities, which are offered by our university even better. My personal BEST highlight was the trip to Ekaterinburg. To meet there so many people from all over Europe with basically the same mindset was a splendid experience.

In general, the decision to join BEST during my exchange in Finland increased the quality of my stay significantly. I’ve learned a lot about global competences, had a lot of fun, met unforgettable people and share with them unforgettable moments. I hope and try to continue this BEST path back in Germany somehow.

Kiitos Suomi, kiitos BEST Helsinki! I really hope to welcome you all in Germany as my lovely guests soon. I’ll miss you all!”

Kevin Wolf, Secretary of BEST Helsinki 2017.