Presiding officers of the Representative Council

Apply for the Chair of the Representative Council from 1.10. to 25.10.2018. Apply here!
Apply for the 1st and 2nd Vice Chair of the Representative Council from 1.10.-7.11.2018. Apply here!


Information of the position

The Chairs of the Representative Council consist of the Chair of the Council and two Vice Chairs. The Representative Council elects the Chair of the Council in the beginning of November and the two Vice Chairs in the end of November in their meeting. The term of the Chairs is one calendar year.

The duties of the Representative Council’s Chair include preparations for Council meetings, chairing the meetings and signing the minutes. The Chair of the Council monitors that the Student Union’s operations are in accordance with legislation and the Student Union’s own rules. In addition, when necessary, the Chair of the Council resolves how the rules are interpreted. The duties of the Vice Chairs are agreed upon on a yearly basis.

During the academic year, the Chair’s duties take up on average 4 hours per week, but the weeks with meetings are busier, while the summer months are quieter. The Vice Chairs have slightly less duties. For the Chair of the Representative Council, previous experience of Council work is an advantage, but the duties of the Vice Chairs are also well suited for first-timers.

The Chairs are paid a task wage for the work they do for each meeting.

More information:

Onni Lampi, Chair of the Representative Council 2018
040 7023841

Leo Norilo, 1st Vice-Chair of the Representative Council
050 3053695

Visa Pollari, 2nd Vice-Chair of the Representative Council
045 6350724


“During this year, I have been responsible for the meetings of the chairs of the Representative Council Groups. When the Council’s meetings take place on a Thursday, the Group chairs have already had a meeting on Monday to discuss the topics of the coming meeting. Feedback from the Council Groups’ chairs is important so that the Chairs of the Council get an idea of which of the meetings’ topics need the most time to cover, and so that the presenters of the various topics can improve their presentations ahead of the actual meeting. Assisting with collective decision-making and getting to know the different groups’ points of view and operating methods has been the most rewarding part of being a Vice Chair of the Council.

In an ordinary week, the duties of a Vice Chair have not taken up much time at all; in the week of a meeting, the work takes a total of around 10 hours as well as a couple of hours in the previous week. The work has taught me a lot about decision-making at the Student Union, as well as about conducting and facilitating meetings.”

Leo Norilo, 1st Vice Chair of AYY’s Representative Council 2018