Outdoor Games Committee

Apply for the Outdoor Games Committee from 1.11. until 27.1.2019! Apply here!

Zombies and Quidditch!

Outdoor Games Committee (UPTMK) is the old Humans Vs Zombies Committee, which is now also organizing Academic Quidditch World Cup. Anyone can apply for the committee, regardless of their study year or game experiences. We need people for example for marketing, script writing and refereeing. Perhaps you have your own idea you wish to carry out. If you like people, zombies, quidditch, organizing of major events and dank ideas, you should definitely join the committee! The committee is also a good way to get to know the activities of Aava and the entire AYY.

Basic information about the games:

Humans vs. Zombies is a moderated tag game where the zombie players are trying to spread an infection by capturing the human players. At the same time people try to complete various tasks and survive. The game is a fun and interactive sports event. Because team work is often the best strategy, this is a guaranteed way to meet new people. More information on the game is available on the official site here http://www.humansvszombies.org/.

Quidditch is based on a fictional game featured in the Harry Potter series, where two teams of seven players play against each other. However, no one is expected to be able to fly. You can find IQA (International Quidditch Association) rules here: http://www.iqaquidditch.org/IQARulebook2016-2018.pdf.

Chair of the Outdoor Games Committee 2018 Riku Wessman (firstname.lastname(at)ayy.fi)

The atmosphere in the Outdoor Games Committee (UPTMK) is wonderfully enthusiastic, and the work never feels dull! The people are involved with a 6/5 attitude and motivation, ready to throw themselves into anything at all. People apply to UPTMK for their love of the sport, so to say, and our Committee this year consisted of the previous year’s players who wanted to do things even better. No need to fear that the tasks are too ambitious or barely achievable because, when working together, the end results are so much fun. Whether you’re inspired by quidditch or zombie games or something completely new, don’t hesitate to join in.”

-Petra Ekroos, Outdoor Games Committee member 2018