To the Board!

Application for the Board Former 2019 is open from 1.-25.10.2018.  Apply here!

Application for the Board 2019 is open from 1.10.-7.11.2018. There will be a public panel interview for the applicants for the board on Thursday 8th of November at 17-19 in Otaniemi. The applicants should be prepared to give a one minute introduction. If an applicant is unable to attend the panel, please inform about the situation immediately via email Apply here!



Information about the Board’s activities

The Board is the scintillating, pulsating heart of the student union! The board manages the student union’s daily operations according to the guidelines set forth by the Council. The Board is comprised of the Chair of the Board and nine board members whose tasks change year by year depending on the applicants’ interests and areas of expertise.

The Board members are selected to one year terms. The position is a full-time position of trust which, in practice, means that each Board member works within their own sector as well as on common issues just as one would in a normal workplace (although one must say in a much more lively, flexible and sometimes somewhat nutty way). Board members are expected to not study full-time during their term. Instead, each member is paid a monthly remuneration of about 1000 euros.

The Board typically meets twice a week. Between each meeting the student union organizes its activities through its various sections and project teams. The Board members’ tasks are multifaceted and vary greatly across the different sections. It is wise to get in touch with former Board members and ask more about these jobs!

A Former of the Board is selected during the Council meeting in November. This Former of the Board interviews candidates for the Board and drafts a proposal for the composition of the Board that is then confirmed by the Council.

Any member of the student union can apply for the Board. Typically, those selected have experience in student union life through, for example, the Studies Council, one of the AYY sections or committees. However, association experience is not required. The most important quality is being able to learn and to have a genuine interest in working on behalf of all of Aalto’s students.

More information: Noora Vänttinen, AYY’s Chair of the Board 2018 ( or 040 731 6120)

Student Union’s Board and the Management Team of Aalto University together at Aalto Party 2018. Photo: Mikko Raskinen

My year on the Board has given me the opportunity to focus completely on what is most meaningful for me: people. Together with the Board, we have grown, challenged and developed. Each other and the best student’s life in the world.

This has been pushed by the passion that is visible and contagious at AYY! My fellow Board members, the Representative Council, the volunteers and the employees all care for their work immensely. There is collective enthusiasm here, whether we are formulating the policy paper or cleaning up together after a sitsit. In addition to passion and enthusiasm, there is also power in our community that comes from its diversity. Perfectly new kinds of solutions are created in collective discussions despite completely different viewpoints and opinions. Indeed, a year on the Board vastly improves your critical thinking, argumentation ability and performance skills.

I feel like I have got to do work on the AYY Board that really makes a difference for the student community.”

– Tapio Hautamäki, Vice Chair of the AYY Board 2018