Continuity Committee

Application for the Continuity Committee is open from 1.11. to 30.11. Apply here!

The Continuity Committee is the Student Union’s sparring partner. The Continuity Committee has a number equal to the Board of operators from different years and sectors who have already moved aside from the Student Union’s everyday operations. As per the rules, the Continuity Committee’s task is to protect and develop the spiritual and ideological capital of the Student Union, to support the Student Union’s operators and to promote continuity as well as to support the development of good governance and organisation.

In practice, the Continuity Committee and the Board meet a few times each year, in addition to which each Board member gets their own counterpart from the Continuity Committee members. With their counterpart, they meet a bit more often, and the meetings are meant for sharing experiences and providing the Board member with support in the challenges they face in their role as a mentor.

Application to the Continuity Committee takes place once a year, usually around November and December. The opening of the application period will be announced separately. The members of the Continuity Committee are appointed in the Representative Council’s meeting.

More information: Jenni Haavisto, Chair of the Continuity Committee ( or +358 50 321 9788)




“The Continuity Committee offers a great view onto the Student Union’s current operations, and at the same time, a way to develop your own sparring skills. The task of the Continuity Committee is to support the Board and to offer points of view. The best things about the work are the opportunity to get to know the current operators and their thoughts, to get to follow the development of the operations closely and to help the Board find suitable solutions to the challenges currently at hand.” 

Jenni Haavisto, member of the Continuity Committee since 2017