Apply to the AYY10 anniversary year section here! Apply before January 27th 2019.


Our beloved Student Union has been forging ahead for some years already, and we are soon celebrating our first full decade. Now is, at last, the time to start recruiting for the section many have been waiting for: the AYY10 anniversary year section!

As the member of the anniversary year section, you will be part of conceptualising and executing the anniversary year and the 10th annual ball itself. Will the anniversary year feature separate anniversary year spectacles, or will the usual events be organised bigger than before and with an AYY10 twist? How can we make the entire community participate in the anniversary year? And in particular, of course: where and how to organise the culmination itself, the annual ball that ends the anniversary year? You will ensure that this party will remain a conversation point for the Aalto community for a long time to come!

There will be about 6-10 persons appointed for section and responsibilities will be assigned based on applicants’ wishes and interests. This section will look like its members so don’t hesitate to apply! Members of the section will be appointed based on their applications and interviews.

Application is open until Sunday 27 Jan. Apply to make AYY history!

Any questions? For more information, contact the Chair of  AYY10 anniversary section Titta Saari or Niina Palm, the producer of the Annual Ball (first.last@ayy.fi).