AYY’s Development Cooperation Week 2015

     Are you ready for AYY’s Development Cooperation Week 2015 at Aalto University?

Join us for a week of inspiring events in the annual AYY Development Cooperation Week!

  AYY Development Cooperation Week is an annual theme week organized during the last week of October. Our aim is to raise the awareness of global responsibility between Finland and  cooperation with developing countries. In the year 2015, the focus is on, “Technology and Development”. During the week, students and interested participants can join discussions, workshops, and a global fair and other nightly events that inspire students to think about  global development issues and introduce inspiring projects done in the global south.  Join and learn more about career possibilities, studying and volunteering in developing countries! 

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       MONDAY 26.10

Opening Ceremony, Otakaari 1, Main Building,Otaniemi Campus, Espoo. We warmly welcome you to celebrate with us and enjoy live African beats of Hossni Boudali from 9:45-10:15 in the lower lobby of the main building and opening speeches in A123/A1 with  refreshments provided by Reilu Kauppa.

10:30-10:50, Ambassador Yu Qingtai, from Chinese Embassy
10:55 a.m.-11:15 a.m:  Helena Airaksinen, Finnish Foreign Ministry, Unit for Eastern and Western Africa.


                 Photo Exhibition, Otakaari 1, Main Building, Lower Lobby, Otaniemi Campus, Espoo.

Photos from the winning competition will be displayed in the Main building lobby during the entire week  from 26.10-30.10


                       Talk to Inspire, 13-15,  Open Innovation House, Otaniementie 19b, 02150 Espoo.

   We have motivated speakers not only from the Finnish Foreign Ministry talking about their programs in countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America, but also speakers from the field of technology talking about projects in varied sectors like healthcare, construction and ecological harmony.

Pertti Anttinen, Counsellor for Foreign Affairs, Government of Finland
Kirsi Pere, Communications Officer, Government of Finland
Jussi Hinkkanen, CEO of Fuzu
Maria Ritola, DEMOS Helsinki, Founder of Peloton Accelerator


(SBC) Sustainable Business Club in the Couch with Frugal Innovation 17:30-20:00, Helsinki Think Company, Helsinki Vuorinkatu 5



 Mosaic’s Cafe Lingua, 18:00 -0:00  Rantasauna, Jämeräntaival 7, 02150 Espoo, Finland New people, new cultures, new languages? Tea, sauna and a hot tub on a lovely autumn evening? Chatting with people from all around the world? Yes, this and much more is Mosaic’s Café Lingua!             ’





Global Information Talk, 13-14:30 A2 (A215) Otakaari 1, Espoo

Tuxera will share their perspective on the role of technology in mutual cooperation among developing countries, their strategy and success story in the IT industry. What’s more, Tuxera will introduce career opportunities for talents like you!


World Campus Festival, 19-20 Smökki ,Jämeräntaival 4

Get to know different cultures, delicious dishes and new Aalto students from all over the world. Team up with 2-5 people, cook your favorite delicacies and share them with the crowd!


   WEDNESDAY 28.10  


   Advanced Project Showcase, 10:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Location: Otakaari 1, Main Building, Y308, Otaniemi Campus

Come and learn how Finland is cooperating with developing countries in new technologies!


 Global Fair, 13-15, Otakaari 1, Main Building, lower Lobby, Otaniemi Campus

Global Fair is your chance to meet Finnish organizations and find out how you can get involved through volunteering and/or interniships!

Organizations from different fields, operating both in Finland and abroad will be present at the fair. If you are an enthusiast in development and making a difference, this is the place to start. Come visit us on 28.10 in Otakaari 1!


Pollinate Energy
Alliansi Youth Exchanges
Aalto BIZ Exchange Office
Aalto Schools of Technology and Science Exchange Office
Suomen YK-nuoret ry (UN Youth of Finland)
Disability Partnership Finland
Impact Iglu & Aalto Global Impact
Maailmanvaihto ry – ICYE Finland
Eetti Helsinki



  Confessions of a dev geek: Impact Talk with Maija Peltola (Camaleonte): Innovation, Business, Development and Impact, Aalto Ventures Program, Otaniementie 17, 02150

Espoo, 17:30. What role does business play in global international development? Do business and entrepreneurship possess the power to solve the great challenges of humanity in developing markets?


  THURSDAY 29.10 

 Lecture: A Finnish Organization in Africa – Advantages and Challenges10:15 am –  11:30am, A2 (A215) (Otakaari 1)

What opportunities for professionals and students emerge from a strong Finnish-African relationships? What possible challenges are related to inter-cultural collaboration? How can we overcome them? In this lecture, Linnea Olamo, Executive Director of Villa Karo, will share her insights on these issues based on her professional experiences in West African countries. Don’t miss the chance to learn from her unique, first-hand stories in Africa!



  DevGame Workshop, 13-15 Design Factory, Engine Room, Bentnimiehenkuja 5

The goal of this workshop is to develop concepts that provide technological solutions to problems in the developing countries. How to solve inadequate housing and service problems? What if you developed a solution to modernizing agriculture in a sustainable way? What if you helped one more person to learn to read? What does Finland have to offer?


Friday 30.10 

EIT Digital Lunch Talk: Products for developing countries: Intercultural design and technical challenges. 13-15, Open Innovation House Otaniementie 19b, 02150 Espoo, Finland.

Do you aspire to change the world? Have you ever wonder how to tackle development challenges in BOP markets? Are you entrepreneurial-minded or have a passion in working with one?

AYY Development/AYY Kehyviikko and EIT Digital invites you to join a conversation with the CXO (Chief Experience Officer) of Funzi (www.funzi.fi), Miemo Penttinen. In the talk, Miemo will be sharing his experience in intercultural design for audiences with diverse cultural backgrounds and the technical challenges they faced in African markets. The talk will last 30 minute, followed by discussion and networking time.





If you’d like to participate in the volunteering team organizing the week, contact the coordinators Briana Romero (briana.romero@ayy.fi)  and Junhui Wang (junhui.wang@ayy.fi) for more information!