Otaniemi Night of Arts

Otaniemi Night of Arts

Second time for the interartistic campus festival that reflects the students on Saturday 21 Sept.

Make the Night reflect you, take part in the organising!

Otaniemi Night of Arts is an interartistic and free-of-charge campus festival organised for the second time on Saturday 21 Sept 2019. The festival is organised in cooperation with Aalto University.


In Otaniemi Night of Arts, all willing Aalto students and student organisations get to put on their own kind of artistic and creative activities. The festival consists of several smaller subevents that are mainly organised by the Aalto community. The goal is to express the creativity and versatility of the entire Aalto community. The Otaniemi Night of Arts programme is targeted at Aalto people as well as other citizens and continues from the afternoon into the night.

AYY and Aalto University are offering subevent organisers free use of various facilities.


The event is coordinated by AYY’s Steering Group of Artistic Activities. More information: tero.uuttana@ayy.fi


A subevent is some form of an independent entity – whether it is a single performance, a poetry event of multiple performers, a band night, an exhibition or maybe a combination of all these. Only your imagination and the laws of physics are the limit. The event can take place indoors or outdoors.

The following easily-accomplished features are required from the subevents:

  • Free to all
  • What happens is creative and artistic in some way
  • Must take place in the Otaniemi area on 21 Sept
  • The subevent organiser commits to handling the event’s organisation independently
  • The subevent organiser covers the event’s costs independently or seeks funding for them, unless otherwise agreed
  • AYY handles security & safety in Aalto buildings; otherwise, these are settled case-specifically


Registration as a subevent organiser is done via the link below:



The registration period lasts until early August, exact deadline to be specified later.


Subevent organisers have various ways to fund their events, such as corporate collaboration or grants.



The promotional fund of Teekkari activities, TTE Fund, supports student operators in different projects. Their ongoing application is open until 30 Jun and reopens on 1 Aug. Via the ongoing application, the maximum amount of support is 2000 euros. More information:

https://tter.ayy.fi/ (in Finnish)



The application period for the City of Espoo’s project and development grants opens on 4 Feb 2019 and closes on 2 Sept 2019 at 3.45 pm. The aim of project and development grants is to implement various festivals and other art events, to organise cultural events with more resident involvement and to support the work of artists.







For subevent organisers, AYY is offering free use of some of its facilities and Aalto’s facilities. More information on the facilities is available e.g. via the links below.

AYY’s facilities:

Aalto’s facilities:



Tero Uuttana, AYY’s Specialist of Art Activities, tero.uuttana@ayy.fi

Marianne Honkasaari, AYY Board, marianne.honkasaari@ayy.fi