Otaniemi Night of Arts

A cross-artistic campus festival that truly looks like the students, on Saturday 6th of October.

Paint the night in your image; join us in creating the festival!

Otaniemi Night of Arts (Otaniemen yö) is a cross-artistic, free campus festival held for the first time on the 6th of October 2018. It forms a part of AYY’s Year of Art.

During the Night, all willing Aalto students and study organizations can get to create their own artistic and creative program. The festival is comprised of several smaller subevents, which are organized by students. No strict boundaries for artistic activities have been set as the aim is to bring out the full creativity and abundance of artistic impression of the Student Union in all its glory. The program of the Otaniemi Night of Arts is aimed towards all Aalto people as well as other city residents, and the program lasts from afternoon all the way until night.


The idea of the Year of Art is to bring the artistic impression of students out and about through the year, and to lift artistic activities into the spotlight. The highlight of the Year of Art will be the Otaniemi Night of Arts event, which is coordinated by the AYY Year of Art committee.


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