Fund for Promoting Teekkari Activities (TTER) hands out grants to the whole AYY membership (students of technology, students of art and design, students of economics) and the student associations and communities near AYY. The purpose of the fund is to promote interest in matters and activities concerning economics, technology, science, society and art.

The fund supports student activity in the Aalto community in all its forms. The more Aalto students and staff that can partake in a project, the better. Especially appreciated are projects that encourage people to work and create something together. Because the appreciation of a university and its students is also dependant on the public, active communication both within and without the Aalto community is encouraged. Grants have been given to events, publications and building projects. The fund does not give grants to basic activity such as studies and paying pay checks.

The Fund for Promoting Teekkari Activity was founded in 2006. Its initial capital was donated by the Association for Promoting Teekkari Activity (TTEY). In 2010 the fund became a fully integrated part of Aalto University Student Union.

More information on the fund can be found on its website (in Finnish).