Study grants for projects

Aalto University and its student union allocate in cooperation study grants for incredible projects that promote studies and learning. The study grants are to enable you to implement your fantastic idea not to stand for additional costs such as food. You can apply for the grant by yourself, together with your friend or association – as long as the idea is good, we want to help you to implement it!

The application period is continuous and applications are processed on a monthly basis, the idea is that your good idea does not get old and you could implement it straight away. Applications are processed and approved by Aalto University Student Union’s academic affairs sector and Aalto University’s vice president in charge of teaching.

Once you have implemented the project, we require from you a communicative report: a few paragraphs of text, pictures or maybe a video in order for us to inform the entire Aalto community about your incredible project!

Find put more about the criteria and application from here.