AYY distributes scholarships to its members in accordance with the Student Union’s Scholarship Regulation and the regulations of the scholarship funds administered by the Student Union. The purpose of the scholarships is to support the internationalisation of low-income students, support community activities and encourage for successful combination of studies and the student life. AYY’s has three scholarships:

  1. Exchange scholarship
  2. Community scholarship
  3. Study scholarship

In addition, AYY administers certain field-specific scholarship funds.

The distribution of the scholarships and scoring criteria for applications are regulated by Scholarship regulation and the Scoring of Community Activities. The amounts of the scholarships are based on the profits of funds. The amounts of scholarships in spring 2018 were as follows:

Exchange scholarship                   max. 800 €
Community scholarship               500 €
Study scholarship                          500 €

Application periods


In the fall of 2018, the application period is Wednesday 24.10.2018, 12:00 – Wednesday 14.11.2018, 23:59. Only exchange scholarships are distributed in the Fall.

The spring application period for the scholarships will be in March and April. All scholarships are distributed in the Spring.

Scholarship application form (click to open)

Applications are handled by the distribution committees of the scholarships.

  • Further Information: Anu Juvonen, Producer and Culture Specialist, (anu.juvonen(at)