Trailer rental

The student union has a trailer, which is rentable for all the members of AYY. 

Total length about 3.85m, of which the trunk comprises about 2.55m
Total height about 2m, of which the trunk comprises about 1.6m
Total width about 1.9m, of which the trunk comprises about 1.5m
All the dimensions of the trunk are outside dimensions, i.e. the trunk is slightly smaller inside.

The trailer weighs ca. 310 kg when empty. The largerst combined weight of the trailer and the cargo is 750 kg. Therefore you can only load maximum of 440 kg of cargo in the trailer.

Rental hours

9am– 1pm (4 h)
3pm–9am (18 h)
9am–9am (24 h)

NOTE! During weekends, on Saturdays and Sundays, the trailer is rented out only for 24 hours.


Renting the trailer is free of charge to all AYY members. You can make a reservation for the trailer in TILA-system. (name: Capgemini Cärry)


The trailer is collected from and returned in front of Otaniemi Services Office (Otakaari 11, downstairs next to the Alvari square). If you have reserved the trailer for Saturday or Sunday, you should collect the keys already by 4pm on Friday. When returning the trailer when the services office is closed, you can return the key through the letterbox at our office (2nd floor).

Directions for use

Trailer loan agreement