Students’ booking practices for Aalto University facilities

Aalto University Student Union AYY and its sub-associations may use the university facilities free of charge. The facility booking regulations from 1 Oct 2015 are as follows:
1. Associations in the Student Union’s first and second register can make facility reservations. ( )
2. Reservations can be made for the University’s lecture halls and other facilities in common use within the normal opening hours of each facility.
3. Reservations cannot be made to a certain facility. Associations are offered vacant facilities suitable for their needs.
4. The University’s own use is prioritised. In case of overlapping reservations, the aim is to find a replacing facility for the association.
5. Reservations can be made by contacting the building janitor on the previous day at the earliest.
6. The use of facilities must comply with the existing rules and regulations.
7. The use of premises is free of charge.

Reservations are generally made on the previous day of the event, with the exception of official occasions, such as an association’s annual meeting or various training sessions. In the meeting rooms, the University’s own use is prioritised between 8am-4pm and therefore the students can only use the facilities after 4pm. The facilities are used within the opening hours of the buildings. However, in exceptional cases, opening hours may be extended. This is always agreed upon seperately and the person who makes the reservation pays for the expenses.
In addition, the University has so-called 24/7 facilities which are also available for students (some facilities use pin code, tag or other identification):
• Maarintalo 24/7 : IT classrooms, group work facilities, seminar hall, tv room, mini kitchens, ”guild room” and individual rooms.
• Otakaari 1 HUB 24/7 : multi-purpose facilities, seminar hall, group work facilities, kitchen, refreshment vending machines are available in the facilities.
• Guild rooms and study facilities
• Töölö’s Rooftop