Shared communal car

The new AYY shared communal car is here! The car is located in Otaniemi Espoo.

Booking and using the communal shared car works with the Autonappi app. How to start using it:

  • Download the Autonappi app from the Play Store or Apple Store. You can find it by searching for “Autonappi”. The app is currently in Finnish and English.
  • When you open the app, you can see a registration button near the bottom. The app asks for a name, phone number, email address (use your email) and a picture of your driver’s license.
  • Write the registration code: Aalto_student
  • Read and accept the user agreement.
  • Soon after you will receive an email to your email, telling that the information has been submitted for checking. When the person on Autonappi’s end has checked and validated your information, you will receive a username that you can use to log in.

After receiving your username and password, you are ready to use the app and the car.

When logging in to the service, you can add a credit/debit card from the settings menu found in top right corner. Paying for the rental is done with this card.

What is the car like?

The car is a Skoda Fabia. Grey in color, registration number XNZ-105. You can also identify it from the AYY sticker on the hood of the car. The car has a stick shift. The car is not equipped with a towing hitch during the pilot testing period. The car has a parking radar, with a panel showing the distance to objects.

Here’s how to use the car!

Once you’ve registered and received the username and password to your email, you can book the car with the Autonappi app. The app is also used to open the car doors, so no key fetching is needed.

Initiate the booking by choosing “Begin driving” (or the like) in the app.

After this, the app will tell you to take four pictures of the vehicle.

When you go into the car and want to get going, first open the glove compartment and read the user instructions carefully. The user instructions are in Finnish, Swedish and English. The key inside the car should always be kept in the glove compartment, in the rack reserved for it. You need to press the “open doors” switch on the key in the glove compartment once to remove the steering lock. After this, you can start the car by pressing the start button. You don’t need to press the key at all when shutting down the engine or leaving the car, and the key is always left in the glove compartment. The car doors are closed normally with the Autonappi app.

Filling the tank

The car is always rented with gasoline. When the tank is less than ½ full, you have the responsibility to tank it up with the gas card found in the glove compartment, either at a Shell or Neste gas station. The gas cards should be kept in the racks reserved for them. There is a PIN code behind the Neste card. There is no PIN for the Shell card. Always pay at the cash register when fueling, and take the receipt. The car needs to be fueled by the renting party using the gas card always when the tank is less than half full.


The car is fetched from and returned to the AYY parking space outside the Otaniemi service center.

Parking elsewhere:

The car has a parking disc and EasyPark and Parkman stickers. You can download the EasyPark or Parkman app and use them to pay for parking, eliminating the need to pay with cash at the parking meter.