Vaasankatu cabinet and sauna


Vaasankatu cabinet and sauna are located on the top floor at Vaasankatu 10. The cabinet includes tables and chairs for 16 people. In addition, there are a few stools, couches and a pool table. There is also a 65″ TV & sound system of high quality. Sound system can be used via bluetooth connection for example using a mobile phone. There is also a RCA connection possibility.

There is an entry to a roof terrace in the sauna facility. The facility can accommodate approximately 50 people.

The kitchen has a stove, oven, microwave oven, fridge and freezer & dishwasher. In addition, the space has dishware for 20 people.

The detailed list of household items is available in the checklist for facilities.

You can order food directly from Kustaa Vaasa restaurant on the ground floor and food can be heated in GN pans in the oven.

During the day (9am-4pm), you can book just the cabinet; in the evening (4pm-11pm), the reservation automatically includes both the cabinet and the sauna facility.




The sauna has an electric stove which heats up automatically. The sauna can accommodate approximately 10 people.



User hours

The user hours at Vaasankatu cabinet during the day are 9am-4pm. Please note that even though the reservation system lets you make reservations to the cabinet between timeperiods of 4pm – 9am, all reservations for this timeperiod will be cancelled. If you want to reserve the cabinet after 4pm, please reserve the sauna.

The user hours at Vaasankatu sauna are 4pm-11pm. The sauna is heated between 6pm-10pm.

You must definitely leave the premises by 11pm, since the sauna is located on the top floor of a residential building.


See the price list here.

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