Rantasauna, also known as Rantsu, is the technology students’ sauna which was built and financed by volunteers. Rantsu has separate big and small sides, which can be reserved either separately or together.

The big side is ideal for larger sauna evenings or even sitsit parties. In the small side, you can go to the sauna with a smaller group.

There is a large grill in front of the terrace of the rantasauna. There is a dock on the beach, but the beach is very shallow! Rantasauna is located behind Jämeräntaival 7.

The detailed list of household items is available in the checklist for facilities.

You can also take a look on the 3D Showcase.

Side side

The big side includes tables and chairs for about 40 people. There are couches in front of the windows. The room also has a fireplace. The kitchen has a stove, oven, microwave, dishwasher, coffeemaker and cold storage for drinks.

Small side

The small side has a fireplace, couches and tables. The kitchenette includes a fridge and a stove. The space can accommodate up to 10 people.


The sauna in the big side has an electric heater that heats up automatically. The sauna can accommodate up to 30 people.

The small room has a wood-fired sauna, which you can heat up. Please remember to bring matches with you! The sauna can accommodate up to 10 people.


An old-fashioned wooden bathing tub is also available when renting Rantasauna. Renting of the tub requires renting either one of the saunas in Rantsu. Using of other rental bathing tubs is strictly forbidden by a sanction of 100 euros. New tub has been installed in December 2018!

Read the usage rules for the tub in here!

User hours

The user hours of Rantasauna are between 2pm-7am. The sauna in the big side is heated between 7pm-3am.
Please note! You are not  allowed to use Rantasauna until 4pm unless you have specifically made other agreements with AYY and paid for the extra hours. The cleaning of the facility is done during the day.


See the price list here.


Read also: Usage rules for the Student Union’s rental facilities