Gorsu is a windowless space on the basement floor, with a sauna, dressing room and a separate lounge area. The space is suitable for sauna nights and various parties.

Gorsu is located at Jämeräntaival 5A. The entrance is located behind the staircase A, along the road  leading to Rantasauna.

You will find a detailed list of household items in the checklist for facilities.

Please note! Gorsu can not be booked starting 8.1.2018 due to renovation of the building.

Lounge area

There are couches around the wall, sofa tables and a few stools, as well as a sound system in Gorsu. The kitchen has an oven, stove and cold storage for drinks. The space can accommodate about 30 people.

Sauna and dressing room

Dressing room can accommodate up to 15 people and the sauna up to 8 people at a time.

User  hours

The user hours of Gorsu are between 4pm-3am. The sauna is heated between 9pm-1am.


See the price list here.


Gorsu pohjapiirustus

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