Atlantinkatu cabinet and sauna


Atlantinkatu cabinet and sauna are located in Jätkäsaari, on the top floor at Atlantinkatu 7 A. The cabinet includes tables and chairs for 12 people. In addition, there are couches and a kitchen. There also is an entry to a roof terrace with a view.

The kitchen has a stove, oven, fridge & dishwasher. In addition, the space has dishware for 20 people (including champagne glasses & coffee cups) and cookware (pots and pans).

A video projector and sound system has been installed. Sound system can be used via bluetooth connection for example using a mobile phone. There is also a RCA connection possibility.

The detailed list of household items is available in the checklist for facilities.

The reservation automatically includes both the cabinet and the sauna facility.


The sauna has an electric stove which heats up automatically. The sauna can accommodate approximately 10 people.

User hours

The user hours at Atlantinkatu cabinet is 4pm-11pm. The sauna is heated between 6pm-10pm.

You must definitely leave the premises by 11pm, since the sauna is located on the top floor of a residential building.


See the price list here.

Please note! You will get a key and a key badge from AYY. With the key you have access to the building and the rental space itself. With the key badge, you will be able to open the hatch of the garbage bin/tube located in the courtyard.

Read also: Usage rules for the Student Union’s rental facilities