Servin Mökki


Servin mökki is located in the middle of Teekkari Village. Smökki has a large hall, a smaller room called the aquarium and a catering kitchen. The space is suitable for arranging sitsit with even 200 people or other similar parties. In the lobby, there is a coat rack for about 100 people. Otaniemi Chapel is located about 150 metres away.

The detailed list of household items is available in the checklist for facilities.


The hall has a sound system and a small mixer. It is possible to use a microphone; just ask for the key of the microphone cabinet from Otaniemi Service Point when collecting the key to Smökki.


The aquarium is separated from the hall with big windows covered with dark curtains. The aquarium is usually used as the backstage for events and for the storage of additional tables and chairs, but it can also be used as a more peaceful side room in the event or for arranging a small afterparty. The aquarium has two high fridges.


The kitchen in Smökki is a modernised industrial kitchen which is significantly larger than sitsi kitchen. The kitchen has a convection oven, two industrial pots, frying plate, dishwasher and a coffee maker. For cold storage, there is a cold room and freezer room, in addition to which there is smaller refrigeration equipment. About 10 people can cook at one time.

For occupational safety, the kitchen may only be used under the supervision of a person who has completed a separate kitchen training. If you want to use the kitchen in Smökki and you have completed the kitchen course, please fill out this form. AYY organises a few kitchen courses annually.

It is also possible to cook in the kitchen without renting the rest of Servin Mökki. In this case, you should ensure that noise does not disturb the potential users of the hall.

The detailed list of household items is available in the checklist for facilities.

Reservations for summer weekends

It’s possible to make reservations for summer weekends from June to the middle of August a year in advance. Please note that the prices for the following year may change after you’ve made a reservation.

User hours

The user hours of Servin mökki is 12noon-1am.

It is possible to apply for the night use permission for Servin Mökki from the service manager (night use period between 1am-5am) using this form. The night use costs EUR 100 in addition to the actual rent. It is advisable to apply for the permission in connection with the reservation and should be done no later than two weeks before the event.  When you apply for the night time use less than 14 days before the reservation (i.e. when the invoice has already been delivered), we will charge an additional fee of EUR 50 in addition to the normal night time price (EUR 100).


See the price list here.


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