Multi-Facility Hall


The Multi-Facility Hall is located in the association corridor between the staircases A and C of Jämeräntaival 3. The long wall of the hall has mirrors and a ballet bar, so the hall is ideal for dance rehearsals. If the room is used for some other purposes, the floor must be covered with plastic mats available in the facilities. There is a sound system in the Multi-facility hall.

User hours

The user hours of the Multi-facility hall are between 8am–11pm. Since the hall is only rarely needed for the whole day, it is usually reserved for two hours at a time.


During the renovation (spring/summer 2019) users of this facility need to pick up a key from AYY’s office (Otakaari 11). The key lock is not in use at the moment.


See the price list here.


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