Maarintalo association room

24/7 facility is available for guilds and other associations on the 2nd floor of Maarintalo (Sähkömiehentie 3, room 240-241), where you can have meetings, play games, watch films, etc.


You can book the facility at by logging in with Aalto username. After this, you can find the facility below ”Tilakalenteri/AYY” title in the facility menu on the left, in the section ”Otaniemi /  AYY”. Please also remember to choose ”U91200 U9 / Campus Services Common” as the responsible unit when making the reservation. You can also make recurrent reservations for the facility. Write the name of the association or the guild as the reservation name if you make a reservation for your association or guild. A responsible AYY-member must be present during every reservation.

User hours

The facility can be used 24/7. The building is open on weekdays at 8am-4pm. If the door is locked, you can ask the mail room downstairs to open the door on weekdays between 8am-4pm. Between 4pm-8am, you can ask the security guard in the building to open the front door downstairs if necessary.


The Maarintalo association facility is free of charge to all student union members.

Please note

The same AYY’s user rules apply to this facility. The only exception is that you do not have to fill out the checklist and the consumption of alcohol is prohibited in the facility. There is no running water or dishes, although you are allowed to consume meeting refreshments. After you have used the facility, you must clean the room and take all your items with you. Aalto University or AYY are not responsible for items you have left behind. There’s a video projector in the facility.