Facilities rented for associations

AYY has club room and storage facilities, which are rented for associations operating under AYY.

When new club rooms or storage facilities become vacant, the general application period is announced in the association newsletter. Club facilities are mainly allocated to associations which do not already have facilities. Scores received by associations in the association grant application are taken into account if two or more associations receive the same score. However, club rooms and storage facilities are mainly allocated based on applications. The facility committee processes applications and gives them scores. Scores are evaluated based on applications. Scoring is used as a basis when the facility committee presents the allocation of facilities to the Board. Scores are not directly published. However, the reasons for choices are provided to the applicants in writing.

Two or more associations may apply for a facility with a joint application. In this case, the application must include how the management and responsibilities of the facility (such as the payment of rent) is organised between the associations, in addition to other required issues.

Facilities are allocated by using the scoring model for facilities rented for associations.