Where Do I Get Information?

Information keeps you surfing the Aalto (you know ‘aalto’ means ‘wave’, right?)! This is the case with matters relating to both the student union and the university.

Keep up to date

  • AYY.fi – this very website!
  • AYY Weekly Newsletter – subscribe to it here.
  • AYY’s Facebook-page. Like it!
  • AYY Calendar – pocketful of information for all Aalto students. Get your own from a service point for free (if you are an AYY member)!
  • Notice Boards – keep your eyes open!

Entertainment and Serious Business

  • Aino – AYY’s own magazine. One of the absolute best student union magazines out there.
  • Other student magazines – some guilds, the Association of Economics Students in Helsinki (KY) and TOKYO Association have their own.

Who Can I Go to with Questions?

Who can help when…?

My studies are just too much
>> Aalto University’s student psychologists

I’ve no money
>> Kela

My foot hurts, tooth aches, can’t take it no more

No roof over my head
>> AYY accommodation office

Minor subject, what’s that? Study plan, who?
>> Your school’s/department’s student advisor, teacher tutor or other wise person

I would just like to talk to someone
>> The Nyyti Student Support Centre, University pastors (contact info can be found on your schools website)