Student card

The student card is your means to prove that you’re a student in Finland in all situations necessary. With the card, you can access all benefits of your own student group, such as national student deals (e.g. train and bus discounts, student-priced meals, Finnish Student Health Service). In addition, you will gain access to all of Frank’s (a student’s own discount service) national and global deals.

If you already have a valid Finnish student card (eg. Lyyra card or any student card issued by your current student union), you don’t need to order a new student card to be able to access Frank’s deals. You merely need up-to-date membership with your student union and the updated term sticker for your card, which is available in AYY’s services office.

Please note! If you have started studies in a new university or polytechnic, you need to order a new student card from the new student union in order to get a new year tag to it.

Student card selection

1. Frank App and Digital Student ID

You can download Frank App to your phone for free. Frank App is an application where you can find information about many student discounts. You can also use the app as a digital student ID, if you purchase this feature using the app. To be able to get the digital student ID, you will first have to pay your membership fee of AYY.

If you will start your studies in fall 2018, you can download the digital student ID and use it after your student organisation membership data has been transferred to Frank (it takes a couple of days after payment depending on the organization). Frank App requires that you have a Finnish Social Security Number and that it is in your student union’s or university’s register. If you don’t have a Finnish Social Security Number you cannot activate the digital student card within Frank App.

Please note! If your study right has ended, for example, with graduation, you are unfortunately unable to continue using the digital student card. However, you can use your plastic student card or a student certificate as requested by the school until the end of the membership period.

More information about the card options and prices:

2. Plastic Student Card

You can order a card with or without a payment functionality. In order to order a card with payment functionality, you need Finnish personal identity code and Finnish mobile phone number. For ordering a student card without a payment functionality, you only need a student number. Therefore, this is the most common choice for foreign exchange students. Delivery in 2–3 weeks.

Before ordering a card make sure you have:

  1. A clear photo of your face in electronic format. The photo must be taken directly from the front in the same way as passport photos
  2. A payment instrument to pay for the order
    =>Visa or MasterCard (credit/debit) or Finnish netbank access codes.
  3. Finnish personal identity code (OR a student number if you order a card without payment functionality)

More information about the card options and prices: