Junk bike collection

The Otaniemi junk bike collection is here again! And this time, it’s bigger than ever. This year, abandoned bikes were collected in the Otaniemi area not only from properties owned by AYY and Hoas, but also from ACRE’s buildings.

The relative number of cyclists in Otaniemi is one of the highest in Finland, so naturally there are also a lot of bicycles in the area. Because of the high turnover of residents, some bikes always get left behind, taking up storage space from the bikes that are still being used. That’s why it’s a good idea to take away these abandoned vehicles and make space for those that are in use.

All bikes in Otaniemi were marked with a colorful bracelet at the beginning of April. Those bikes that still had the bracelet intact were collected at the end of May. If your bike was collected and you want it back, you have time until the start of September to pick it up from storage if you can provide sufficient proof. This could be e.g. a key that fits the lock of the bicycle.

Bike retrieval will be possible about once in every two weeks during the summer and the exact dates will be announced on this page and in the Facebook event. Please let us know of your arrival by filling out the attached form. Please bring your photo ID and possible bike keys with you. All collected bikes and the people collecting them will be documented.

The bike retrieval dates:

  • Wednesday, 30 May at 18-19
  • Wednesday, 6 June at 18-19
  • Wednesday, 13 June at 18-19
  • Wednesday, 20 June at 18-19
  • Saturday, 30 June at 12-13
  • Thursday, 12 July at 18-19
  • Wednesday, 25 July at 18-19
  • Wednesday, 15 August at 18-19
  • Saturday, 25 August at 14-15
  • Sunday, 9 September at 12-18
  • Sunday, 16 September at 18-19

All collected bikes that are in good condition will be sold in September. Then is your chance to buy yourself a working bicycle at an affordable price at the Otaniemi Bike Sale!

The junk bicycle collection is a joint project organized by AYY’s Campus Section, OtaHoas and ACRE to tidy up the bicycle storages and racks found in Otaniemi. Please address any questions and enquiries about the collection to the Campus section at kampusjaosto[at]list.ayy.fi.

Specific questions regarding Hoas properties should be addressed to the OtaHoas tenant committee (the tenant committee for Hoas properties in the Teekkari Village) at hoas[at]list.ayy.fi.

Specific questions regarding the properties of the Aalto University should be addressed to ACRE’s Real Estate Assistant Tuomo Uusitalo at tuomo.uusitalo[at]aalto.fi.


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