Collecting of abandoned bicycles

The junk bicycle collection is coming again to clean abandoned bikes from the bicycle storages and stands of Otaniemi. All bicycles in Otaniemi will be marked with colourful bracelets.

Remove the bracelet from your bike once you see it! All bikes from which the bracelet hasn’t been removed in few weeks will be collected and stored away.

The bicycle collection will be done in Teekkari Village. Hundreds of people who move out of Otaniemi yearly leave their bikes behind. The bikes take space from current tenants and are often in poor condition. The collection is intended to improve the enjoyability of Otaniemi and the usability of the bike storages.

Make sure you remove the bracelet from your bike during the collection period! Please also tell your friends who aren’t in Otaniemi during the collection period to make sure the bracelet is removed from their bicycle. Is your friend on an exchange? Help them out!

The bike collection is a joint project by the AYY Campus section and OtaHoas. Please address any questions and enquiries about the collection to the Campus section at

Campus section 2016

Specific questions regarding Hoas properties should be addressed to OtaHoas tenant committee at

Here is the collection’s facebook event for further information and discussion.