Campus Section Campus Section, which began operation in 2016, is developing Otaniemi into a more pleasant place in which to live and study, creating the requisites for student culture, well-being and communal spirit. The aim is to have Finland’s best university campus. The ten-person Section follows in the footsteps of the AYY’s Village Senate and Campus Development Steering Group and its operations are roughly divided into four core areas:

Living and Resident Activity
In the next few years, thousands of new student flats will be built in Otaniemi. The Campus Section is considering how the current housing stock could be made more communal and what kind of student accommodation should be built in Otaniemi in the next few years. In addition to this, the Section supports the achievement of resident democracy and building-specific ‘Castle Wardens’ and residents’ boards.

The Section annually carries out exciting construction and renovation projects independently and in co-operation with other bodies which bring benefit and cheer to the Aalto community and student residents. These projects include the Lotina hot tub of the Rantasauna, the development of the surroundings of Smökki, the skating ramp of Ossinlampi and the refurbishment of the Otaranta club premises.

In order to support communality, the Section arranges compelling events such as the traditional Wappurieha declaration, the Flower Day Message and the pre-Christmas party of the Village. It’s not just a matter of clinging on to mere traditions, however: at the Section, ideas are continually generated for new event formats too.

Promotion of Interests on the Campus
The changes in Otaniemi are not only to do with student living but also largely study premises. While savings measures and large construction projects are under way, the Section keeps an eye on the interests of students and three members of the Section sit on the working groups of the campus development of Aalto University. In one of the facilities of the University, together with its corresponding AYY board member, the Section is also involving a wider audience in discussion about the development of the campus.

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