Student Representatives in University administration

In accordance with the Universities Act, the university administration must also include the representatives of students. Student representatives in administration (so-called ”hallopeds”) are regular students who participate in the work of the University’s committees for academic affairs, faculty councils, education councils, as well as various committees and working groups.           

Student representatives are elected by the Student Union Board, and all the student union members can apply for the position. Students are the best experts in everyday matters concerning studies and teaching, and the representation of students is valuable work for a better university. The Student Union trains the student representatives and supports their advocacy work.

Student representative activities are coordinated by the student representatives in charge appointed at each school. If necessary, the activities of student representatives on the level of Aalto University are coordinated by the Student Union’s Specialist in academic affairs.


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The official supplement call and list of positions can be found here:

The official call and list of positions can be found here: Application period ends on 3.12.2018.

Do you need help writing your application? See the model application here: halloped_mallihakemus_englanti has the list of all representatives. You can also apply directly by logging in and finding the organ you want to apply to.

The halloped regulation and Regulation for the application of student representatives in administration  determine the election of student representatives. Please read regulation for the application before applying in

Material for student representative activities

National acts and decrees concerning universities (in Finnish)
You do not have to know the Universities Act or other documents in order to be a good student representative! The Student Union has employees whose duty is to become familiar with these matters, so the easiest way is to ask them! However, here is some background information for those who are particularly interested. In the Universities Act, you can pay particular attention to Chapter 1 (General Provisions), Chapter 2 (Research and Teaching), as well as Sections 23-30 in Chapter 3 (structure of a foundation university). In addition, you can also get to know the national funding model for universities.

Aalto University’s internal regulations on studying

Aalto University’s general regulations on teaching and studying
General guidelines for curriculum, examinations and evaluation.

Degree regulation of your own school
Here are the more specific instructions of your own school on the above-mentioned matters. It is advisable to become familiar with the degree regulation.

Other study regulations of your own school -> Bachelor and Master’s Students -> your own school -> study regulations

Here you can find more regulations on studies on a school-specific level. Student representatives supervise the implementation of these regulations for their part.

Aalto University’s management and decision-making
Here you can find information on the regulation which applies to the University’s decision-makers and their duties, and see the decision-makers who act on the university level.

Student union regulations, policies and material

Policy papers determined by the Student Union’s Representative Council and the Board’s general statements and comments support halloped activities.

Current information on student representatives in administration and their contact details are available at

The halloped regulation and halloped election instructions determine the election of student representatives. Every year, the Student Union looks for new student representatives in late autumn. In addition, supplementary calls for application are organised during the spring and the summer. Please follow the information and apply if you are interested.

Please remember that you can always contact the Student Union’s office and ask about anything related to halloped activities.

Material of halloped training sessions organised by the Student Union
English material of halloped training sessions organised by the Student Union