Ongoing research

What’s the recipe for teacher of the year?

There is currently a pedagogics master’s thesis project about good teachers underway. The thesis uses suggestions and appointments for teacher of the year in AYY and in its preceding student unions.

Contact: Educational policy sector

“Bad and boring traditions usually wither away”
Student traditions among the Aalto University students

Emi Maeda, University of Helsinki

Folklore Studies, Pro gradu thesis, April 2017

The aim of the study was to find out how the students of the Aalto University perceive the student culture and student traditions. In my thesis, I studied what traditions meant for the examinees, what central traditions the examinees had, what role traditions played in the examinees’ community, what kind of culture was supported by the traditions and notions of traditions of the examinees, and how traditions are maintained. The primary material of the study consisted of a survey with 58 questions and of 19 expert interviews. The material is available for study in the AYY archive.

The study can be downloaded here.


From web-based surveys to multivariate methods – the tuition fee experiment and students

Eija-Leena Koponen, University of Helsinki

Statistics master’s thesis, April 2012

A study conducted together with AYY, concerning the attitudes of international students towards tuition fees, their financial situation and socioeconomic background.

The report in its entirety

A summary of the results (pdf)