Financial Reports

The financial situation of AYY is reported quarterly to the Representative Council. The four sections of the AYY group financial report are:

  • Non-profit activity costs report
  • Service and support activity costs report
  • Housing real estate profits
  • Investment profits

A realization of all these areas when compared to their budgets is reported at the start of each year. New budgets and a prediction for the new year are reported at the same time.

Group Structure

Most of AYY’s activity is directly related to the student union itself, but parts of it have been organized into separate companies. The AYY group of companies includes fully AYY-owned real estate companies, co-owned real estate companies and AYY-palvelu Oy (AYY Service Inc.).

Summary of Assets

AYY’s assets consist of real estate, housing real estate, investment real estate and other investments in, for example, stocks and the monetary market.

Housing real estate forms the most significant part of AYY’s assets. The student union’s housing real estate is located in Espoo and Helsinki. The combined floor space of these properties is approximately 84 000 square meters (or 900 000 square feet). AYY has set goals for owning real estate in the real estate policy approved in August 2010.

Investment assets include all other assets besides housing real estate. These assets include investment real estate and other invested wealth. The goal of AYY’s investments is to provide financial security for its non-profit activity.

In the long term, sound asset management also secures AYY’s operational preconditions.