Rules and Regulations of the Teekkari Village

These rules and regulations concern all residents living in AYY’s housing and are valid until further notice.

§1 Scope of Application

In addition to what is provided in the rental agreement, other regulations and instructions of the Aalto University Student Union (AYY), general acts and decrees and the Public Order Act, these rules and regulations are obeyed in Teekkari Village buildings owned by AYY and in the vicinity of these buildings. In these rules, the Village Senate refers to AYY’s Village Senate.

§2 Violation of the rules and regulations

The violation of the rules and regulations may result in liability for damages or the termination of the rental agreement. If a resident has received two written warnings, the rental agreement may be terminated.

§3 Regulations concerning the general order

In Teekkari Village, one must behave in such a way that residents’ comfort of living is not unreasonably impaired. The users of the premises must ensure that their guests comply with the provisions in these rules and regulations.

§4 Night-time silence

On weekdays between 11pm–7am and on weekends and public holidays between 12midnight–9am, singing, playing, loud use of a television, radio or stereo equipment and such other noise is prohibited, excluding a correctly performed teekkari hymn. If the disturbance in question is temporary and it cannot be avoided, it must be agreed on in advance with those residents who may be affected.

§5  Taking care of the premises

The users of the facilities must carefully take care of facilities and the user is liable for damages exceeding normal wear. If the shared facilities in apartments are damaged, all the tenants in the apartment are jointly responsible for damage unless someone is found out to be guilty of the damages. If any water leaks, pipe damage or structural damage are detected, they must be immediately reported to the building contractor or the maintenance company. If fittings or windows are broken or there is any other damage to AYY’s apartments, one is obliged to notify the housing office. If one notices any damage being done, one must report the damage and the person who caused it to the housing office. If the person who caused the damage does not report the damage immediately to the housing committee, the housing committee will give the person a warning.

§6 Hazardous waste

Waste which blocks or damages drains should not be washed down or be discharged. Hazardous waste should be delivered to an appropriate location in accordance with recycling instructions.

§7 Storage of dangerous goods

The storage of dangerous goods must comply with explosives regulations and laws.

§8 Pets

In shared apartments, keeping other pets than those kept in an aquarium is prohibited. In other than shared apartments, keeping pets is permitted under the following terms and conditions. Pets must be on a leash outside buildings and they must not disturb other residents. It is prohibited to walk pets on children’s playgrounds and their immediate vicinity. Pets must not contaminate buildings or outdoor areas. The person walking the pet is required to clean up the waste immediately.

§9 Renovation of apartments

It is prohibited to renovate apartments or make structural alterations without the permission of the building contractor.

§10 Cleaning of the apartments

Residents must not interfere with regular cleaning operations. AYY is entitled to recover the costs for additional cleaning incurred by a resident.

§11 Maintenance operations in the apartment

If the apartment requires maintenance, the persons authorised by the management of AYY housing have the right to enter a resident’s apartment. The person exercising this right must agree on this in advance if possible.

§12 Locking of doors

Doors, including the doors in the corridors, must be locked at all times and when opening them, one must make sure that they remain locked.

§13 Dusting and ventilation

The dusting of carpets and bedding is allowed only in the areas reserved for this purpose. Dusting is allowed outside the night-time silence. In apartment-specific balconies, it is only allowed to dust linen and brush clothes inside the railings. Apartments must not be ventilated out to stairwells.

§14 Storage space in the basement

Storage space is reserved for residents, their use is ordered separately in each building. A resident must mark the storage space with a tag approved by AYY, including the resident’s name, address and the current year. The tag must always be updated by the end of January. AYY has the right to remove items left in the corridors and empty any unmarked storage space.

It is strictly prohibited to store flammable liquids and gas in the storage basement. Basement corridors must be kept empty due to fire safety.

§15 Parking of vehicles

Vehicle parking is allowed only in marked parking spaces. The long-term storage of vehicles in the area of Teekkari Village is prohibited. A resident of Teekkari Village may rent a numbered parking space from the housing office. Unauthorised parking in a numbered parking space is prohibited. After renting a parking space, a resident has the permission to mark the rented space as they wish, however, without covering the number of the space. Marking must be removed after the end of the lease of the parking space.

Bicycles and similar sports equipment must be stored in the location reserved for them.

§16 Grilling

Grilling on balconies with other than electric grills is prohibited due to odour problems. In the apartments with their own garden, other than electric grills may be used. In this case, grilling must be carried out away from the building so that odours will not spread to top floor apartments.

§17 Common premises and yards

Common premises and yards must be kept tidy. Waste must be placed in the preserved containers according to recycling instructions. The storing of sporting equipment, toys, strollers and other similar objects in stairwells and other common premises is prohibited, unless their storage is explicitly allowed.

§18 Smoking

Smoking is prohibited indoors, including apartments and staircases. When smoking on balconies or outdoors, a smoker must make sure that smoke does not spread to common premises or apartments. It is strictly prohibited to smoke on balconies with a ventilation unit.

§19 Amendments to the rules and regulations

Amendments to these rules are made by the Village Senate.