Right of Residence

AYY only rents apartments to student union members who are in need of accommodation.

Right of residence requires progress in studies and is therefore temporary in nature. Right of residence is determined by the information in the housing application, its attachments and possible further clarifications and the amount of credits the applicant has accumulated.

Duration of the right of residence for AYY’s apartments is five (5) years at most for students accepted into bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes and two (2) years at most for those accepted into a master’s degree programme only. The period begins at the beginning of the student’s first academic term and includes a period of notice defined in the Act on Residential Leases. The duration is extended by two (2) years for families with children.

When an AYY member graduates from a master’s degree programme or quits his/her full-time studies, his/her right of residence is revoked regardless of how long he/she has lived in AYY apartments. It is very important to note that the five year right of residence period begins when studies start and ends in five years, regardless of whether the student lives in an AYY apartment or not. After the fifth year of studies the right to live in an AYY apartment concludes. If a student does not live in an AYY apartment and has enrolled as absent in Aalto University, he/she does not lose right of residence years.

Reviewing the Right of Residence of AYY Tenants

The continuation of the right of residence requires that the tenant accumulates 18 credits per academic year in Aalto University. The housing office has the right to review the validity of a tenant’s right of residence and the tenant is obliged to provide the housing office with the relevant information annually and by request.

When reviewing a tenant’s right of residence, the housing office or the AYY housing committee can terminate the tenant’s rental agreement with the period of notice defined in the Act on Residential Leases especially when:

1. The tenant has finished or suspended their studies at Aalto University;

2. The tenant is no longer a member of AYY;

3. The tenant’s right of residence period has ended;

4. The tenant has not accumulated eighteen (18) credits in Aalto University during the previous academic year while living in an AYY apartment;

5. The tenant has not provided the housing office with information necessary to his/her right of residence review.