Regulations for AYY’s Apartments

Section 1 Scope of application

In addition to what is provided in the rental agreement, other regulations and the instructions of Aalto University Student Union (AYY), general acts and decrees and the Public Order Act, these regulations are followed in buildings owned by AYY and in their vicinity.

The regulations apply to all who live in AYY’s apartments and are valid until further notice. However, in AYY’s apartments which are located in Teekkari Village, the regulations of Teekkari Village are adapted.

Section 2 Violation of regulations

The violation of regulations may result in liability for damages or the termination of a rental agreement. If a resident has received a written warning, one’s lease may be terminated.

Section 3 Regulations concerning the general order 

In the buildings owned by AYY, one must behave so that the residents’ comfort of living is not unreasonably impaired. The users of premises must ensure that their guests comply with the provisions in these regulations. It is forbidden to cause unreasonable noise or other disturbance at any time of the day.

Section 4 Night-time silence

On weekdays between 10pm–7am and on weekends and public holidays between 11pm–9am, singing, playing, loud use of a television, radio or stereo equipment and such other noise is prohibited. If the disturbance in question is temporary and cannot be avoided, the matter must be agreed on beforehand with those residents to whom the disturbance would apply.

Section 5 Management of facilities

The users of the facilities must carefully take care of the facilities and the user is liable for damages which exceed natural wearing out. If shared facilities in apartments are damaged, all tenants in the apartment are jointly liable for damages unless someone is found out to be guilty of the damage. The building contractor or the maintenance company must be informed of defects caused by a leakage, other pipe damage or structural damage immediately. If somebody breaks pieces of furniture or windows, or otherwise damages the halls of residence of AYY, one is obliged to inform AYY’s housing office of the damage. If somebody notices the above mentioned damage, one must report the damage and the person who caused it to the housing office. If the person who caused the damage does not report the damage immediately to the housing office, the housing committee may give the person a warning.

Section 6 Hazardous waste

Waste which may cause the clogging or damaging of drains must not be allowed into the sewers. Hazardous waste should be delivered to an appropriate location according to recycling instructions.

Section 7 Storage of dangerous goods

The storage of dangerous goods must comply with explosives regulations and laws.

Section 8 Pets

In shared apartments, keeping other pets than those kept in the aquarium is prohibited. In other than shared apartments, keeping pets is permitted under the following terms and conditions. Pets must be kept on a leash outside buildings and they must not disturb the residents. It is prohibited to walk pets on the children’s play areas and in their immediate vicinity. Pets must not contaminate buildings or yard areas. The person walking the pet is required to clean up the waste immediately.

Section 9 Renovation of apartments

It is prohibited to renovate apartments or make structural alterations without the permission of the building contractor.

Section 10 Cleaning of apartments

Residents must not interfere with regular cleaning operations. AYY is entitled to recover the costs for additional cleaning incurred by a resident.

Section 11 Maintenace operations in the apartment

If the apartment requires maintenance, the persons authorised by the administration of AYY housing have the right to enter the resident’s apartment. The person who exercises this right must as far as possible agree on the matter beforehand with the resident.

Section 12 Locking of doors

Doors, including the doors in the corridors, must be locked at all times and when opening them, the user must make sure that the doors remain locked.

Section 13  Dusting and ventilation

The dusting of carpets and bedding is allowed only in the areas that have been reserved for this purpose. The dusting is allowed outside the night-time silence. On apartment-specific balconies, dusting linen and brushing clothes is not allowed inside the railings. Apartments must not be ventilated into the stairwells.

Section 14 Storage space in the basement

Storage space is reserved for residents, the use of which is determined separately for each building.

It is strictly prohibited to store flammable liquids and gases in the storage basement. Basement corridors must be kept empty due to fire safety.

Section 15 Parking of vehicles

There is a parking space available for residents in some buildings. The parking is agreed on building-specifically.

Bicycles and similar sports equipment must be stored in places reserved for them.

Section 16 Grilling

Grilling on balconies with other than electric grills is prohibited due to odour problems. In the apartments with their own yard, other than electric grills may be used. In this case, grilling has to take place far away from the building so that odours will not reach top floor apartments.

Section 17 Common premises and yards

Common premises and yard areas must be kept tidy. Waste must be taken to containers that have been reserved for them according to recycling instructions. It is prohibited to store sports equipment, toys, pushchairs and other similar equipment in the staircases and other common premises if storage has not been allowed separately.

Section 18 Smoking

Smoking is prohibited indoors including the apartments and staircases. Also on the balcony or outdoors the smoker must ensure that the smell or smoke do not spread in common premises or apartments. It is strictly prohibited to smoke on balconies with a ventilation unit.

Section 19 Amendments to the regulations 

Amendments to these rules are made by AYY’s housing sector.