Subletting AYY’s Apartments

Apartments rented by Aalto University Student Union may be sublet only under certain, strictly limited conditions. Please read these instructions very carefully and agree on the subletting on time with the Housing Office according to the rules in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.


  • AYY’s rental housing may be sublet only under the same conditions and at the same rent than what is stated in your own rental agreement.
    • If you leave your furniture in the apartment for the use of the tenant, you may, however, collect rent for the furniture from the tenant.
  • During the summer months, 1 April – 30 Sept, you may sublet your apartment to anyone and for any reason for the maximum duration of four (4) months.
  • Otherwise, the apartment can only be sublet for the period when the primary tenant completes:
    • military service
    • student exchange or study-related internship abroad
    • JOO-studies or study-related internship outside the surrounding municipalities (Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Kauniainen).
  • The right for any other kind of subtenancy agreements or subtenancies lasting for over one year can be applied for from the Housing Committee in writing (application to the Housing Committee).
  • Subletting is always handled through Domo system. 
    • Subletting can be found under the information in the rental agreement

Form for subletting AYY apartment: Simplified version of the subletting form.

  • A tenant must submit an official document on the student exchange or other reason for subletting. If the duration of the student exchange etc. is not clearly stated in the provided document, your right of residence can’t be automatically compensated. Your right of residence can be compensated after you have sent a document that clearly states the period of your student exchange etc. so contact the Housing office after you have got a valid document.
  • Please note that your right of residence can be compensated only if the apartment is subleased for a member of AYY.

Here you can get to know specific regulations concerning the subletting of AYY’s apartments and their explanations.