Parking and Control

Parking is permitted only in marked parking spaces, in accordance with terms and guidelines on the parking signs in all AYY’s properties.

Parking on driveways, rescue roads and yards hinder the access of rescue vehicles in case of emergency. Unauthorised parking on driveways, yards, hallways or parking spaces preoccupied by other residents is strictly prohibited.

Short-term loading and unloading of items is permitted on the property. However, the driver must stay in the immediate vicinity of the vehicle. After the items are unloaded, the vehicle must be immediately parked in a designated area.

Parking spaces for rent can be inquired from the housing office.

Private parking control

Private parking control was introduced in Teekkari Village and Leppävaara where Q-Park acts as the parking officer. Controlled areas include the yard areas on the property, rescue roads, driveways and pedestrian paths, parking areas and the roadside of Servin Maijan tie in Teekkari Village.

Parking is permitted only within marked parking spaces, in accordance with terms and guidelines on the parking signs. Failure to comply with parking terms may result in a parking ticket.

Controlled areas

Diagonal parking spaces on Servin Maijan tie (between Servinkuja and Servin Maijan tie 12) remain free of charge for residents and persons using the services in the area, however, parking time is limited to 24 hours and parking time must be indicated with a parking disc.

Parking permits are used at the end of Servin Maijan tie (Servin Maijan tie 12), which are available from Otaniemi housing office for those who have purchased the parking space.

It is prohibited to store scrap cars or vehicles without license plates in the parking areas or other areas of Teekkari Village. The vehicle owner must ensure that the vehicle does not cause harm or danger to the environment, such as oil or gasoline leaks. Cleaning expenses caused by measures are charged from the person who rented the parking space or the vehicle owner.

Parking tickets and appealing

Parking conditions are listed on the signs placed on the property. If the vehicle is parked in a manner which violates the conditions, Q-Park has the right to issue a parking ticket of €60.

A person who is dissatisfied with the parking ticket must make a written complaint to Q-Park. Only a written complaint, via Q-parks’ website’s complaint form,  will stop the recovery process. More detailed instructions for making the complaint are available on the website of Q-Park. Please do not contact Aalto University Student Union with issues related to parking tickets.

Q-Park customer service
Tel. +358 20 781 2401 (Mon – Thu at 10-14)
Post address: PL 542, 00101 Helsinki