Moving In

For a new resident

When you move into AYY’s apartment, please remember the following:

Check the basics

  • You have signed the lease contract on Domo!
  • You have changed your address with the authorities to your new apartment (so your post gets delivered to your new address etc.)
  • You have made the electricity agreement, in those AYY’s apartments where you have to make one
    • In Helsinki: Arkadiankatu, Atlantinkatu, Haarniskatie, Kaj Franckinkatu, Kirkonkyläntie, Kääpiöidenpolku, Mäyrätie, Tuhkimontie, Turkismiehentie and Pohjavedenkatu.
    • In Leppävaara: Studios and two-room apartments (except Rummunlyöjänkatu B38 a, B45 a, B52 a, B59 a, B38 b, B45 b, B52 b, B59 b, B65).
    • In Otaniemi: studios and two-room apartments in Otakaari 18 and studios, two-room, three-room and four-room apartments in Otaranta 8.
  • You have completed the housing inspection!

Apartment keys

You can receive apartment keys either from the previous resident or collect them on the moving day from AYY’s Housing Office.

The moving day is the the first day of the rental agreement, except if the rental agreement begins on the weekend or on a national holiday. In that case the moving day is the first weekday after the first day of the rental agreement. (So if your lease starts on Saturday, the earliest day you can move in is Monday.)

If you cannot make it to the Housing Office during its opening hours, you can authorize another person to pick up the keys for you by power of attorney, for example. You can find the power of attorney template from the form database.

Contact information and the opening hours of the AYY Housing Office are available here.

Housing inspection

In AYY’s apartments, a new tenant always checks the condition of the apartment when moving in. It is the former tenant’s responsibility to leave the apartment in an excellent condition for the new tenant, but sometimes there may be surprises. Remember to always fill in this inspection form when moving in. Not filling the inspection form leads to a sanction fee, the amount of which is decided annually by the Housing Committee. 

If there are major shortcomings in the condition or cleaning of the apartment,please contact AYY immediately. Take photos of all the shortcomings and send them as e-mail attachments to AYY needs to have photos before we can order a cleaning for the apartment. After this, AYY will take care of repairs or cleaning as soon as possible. 

If we do not hear any complaints within a week from the transfer of the keys, we assume that the apartment was in a good condition and will return the deposit to the former tenant.

Move-in cleaning

A previous resident cleans the apartment, but there is practically always something left to clean for the new resident. However, if there are outrageous defects in the cleaning, the new resident does not have to clean them. Inform us (instructions just above) and we’ll get the apartment cleaned as soon as possible.

If however you have to move in immediately and you do not want to wait for the cleaning, you can also clean the apartment by yourself. In this case, please agree about this with AYY in advance, so that AYY can compensate the price of cleaning equipment for the new resident against evidence (photos about cleaning defects, receipts for purchases, maximum 50 euros). The new resident is not paid for the cleaning itself, but compensated for the purchase of equipment and materials.

If you have changed the keys directly with the previous tenant, you have also accepted the apartment in the condition it was when the keys were turned over. In this case the previous tenant and AYY are no longer responsible for cleaning the apartment.