Moving Out

The rental agreement must be terminated in writing. Always terminate the agreement through the Domo system! The period of notice for the termination is one whole month, starting from the end of the month in which you submit the written notice. In other words, if you wish to terminate your rental agreement starting from the 1st of December, you must submit the written notice no later than the 31st of October.


  • If you had a storage space in the basement or in the attic, remember to empty it before you leave.
  • Remember to submit a notification of change of address. You can do it online at Remember that you are obliged by law to submit a notification of change of address.
  • Also remember to notify the following of your new address:
    • student office, bank, insurance company, magazine subscriptions, address registers of organizations and associations, friends and family.
  • Despite all the rush and busyness that moving out brings with it, please clean your apartment so that the next tenant can move in comfortably. If there is a fridge in your room, defrost it before you leave. See also the separate cleaning instructions at the bottom of this page.
  • No furniture should be left in the apartment, unless otherwise agreed with the new tenant. No furniture should be left in other parts of a shared flat or in the hallways, either. The tenant will be billed for the removal of any furniture left in the apartment.

Returning the keys

All keys must be returned at the latest on the official moving-out day (working day following the termination of the rental agreement). This applies also to AYY’s internal transfers. The next tenant has the right to access the apartment at 12:00 noon, so if you have several keys to the apartment, return at least one of them to the housing office before 12:00 noon. At 12:00 noon, the apartment should be in such a condition that the new tenant can move in. This means that the apartment must be cleaned by that time, and there has to be enough room in the apartment for two-way moving traffic.

Permissions, keys and remote controls related to reserved parking spaces must also be returned on the official moving-out day before 12:00 noon.

All keys must be returned on the official moving-out day to AYY’s housing office in Otaniemi. Keys of Maapadontie 5 are an exception: they are returned to the property maintenance company (Anssi Monto Oy). If the housing office is closed, you can leave the keys in the mail slot found on the Otakaari side of the building. The mail slot reads: “AYY Toimisto 11”. When returning the keys, please put the keys in an envelope, close the envelope and write your name and the name and number of the apartment that the keys are for on the envelope. If the keys have not been returned on the official moving-out-day (marked well if left in an envelope) the keys will be marked as lost. The lessor may use the tenant’s deposit to compensate for costs caused by the tenant losing or not returning the keys and from rekeying the lock.

The keys can also be handed over directly to the next tenant by using the key exchange form found at Make sure to read the form thoroughly before signing! The key exchange form must be delivered to the housing office no later than the official moving-out day. The tenant who is moving out is responsible for delivering the form. The form can also be sent via email.

The instructions for returning the keys also apply to cases where only one tenant is moving out from a family or friend apartment. If a friend is moving out, for example, the leaving tenant has to either return their own key to the housing office or carry out a key exchange with the new tenant or with the tenant staying in the apartment. In this case, the key exchange form is used to verify that the apartment’s tenants have the same number of keys when the new rental agreement comes into effect as they had during the previous rental agreement, which the tenant that is moving out had also signed.

Please remember to lock the door of your apartment/room!

Cleaning instructions for tenants moving out

Before moving out (handing in the keys), the apartment must be cleaned so that it is left in good condition for the next tenant. If a tenant partially or completely neglects the cleaning, he/she will be billed for the cleaning costs.

Pay attention to the following when cleaning:


  • Clean all surfaces of cupboards, tabletops and drawers.
  • Clean all surfaces of the cooker and cooker hood, and also the baking trays and the grease filter. Also clean the back and the sides of the cooker and clean the floor around it.
  • Defrost and clean the fridge. Make sure the melting water does not spill on the floor. When finished, leave the power off and doors open.


  • Clean and disinfect the toilet seat, sink and taps.
  • Clean the shower wall, laundry cabinet, mirror cabinet and floor drain.
  • Clean all surfaces (walls, floor).


  • Clean all surfaces so that no dust or smudges remain.
  • Vacuum and wash the floors.
  • Clean all surfaces of cupboards.
  • Leave no things or trash in the apartment.
  • Make sure the balcony, storage space and yard outside the door are neat and that the storage space is emptied.

Make sure all lighting fixtures (kitchen, bathroom) are in working order and that the fire alarm has a working battery.

If you are moving out of a shared flat, remember to take away all of your things also from the common areas of the shared flat. When defrosting and washing the fridge, take care that the other tenants’ food will not go bad in the process.

Security deposit refund

In order to have the full security deposit refunded to you, you must have demonstrably returned all of the keys or handed them over to the new tenant no later than the official moving-out day, and the apartment must be in such a condition that it does not need to be cleaned or renovated. In addition to the costs incurred from replacing any missing keys, the cost for rekeying the locks may also be deducted from the security deposit. If the keys are returned late, AYY can charge you for the rent also for the days following the move, because the tenant’s obligation to pay their rent continues until the transfer of their proprietary right (i.e. once all the keys have been returned). Unreturned parking space permits, keys and remote controls can also be deducted from the security deposit, unless a separate deposit has been paid for them. Renovation or maintenance work caused by normal wear and tear of the apartment are not deducted from the security deposit. AYY aims to refund the security deposit by the 15th day of the month following the termination of the rental agreement.

In some AYY apartments, the security deposit can be transferred to apply to the new apartment in case of an internal transfer. If you are moving to another AYY apartment and have not received an invoice for the security deposit for the new apartment, the security deposit has been transferred to the new apartment. Any lost keys and deficiencies in cleaning will then be billed directly from the tenant.