Tenant Leaves Family/Friend Apartment

AYY’s larger apartments are rented as family homes or shared apartments for friends. Rental agreements for family or friend apartments are terminated if family members no longer live in a shared household or if one person decides to move out of the apartment.

If one ot the tenants decides to move out, they must terminate their rental agreement in Domo system. The other tenant in the apartment then receives a message from Domo system concerning the termination. At this point, one may choose to sign the termination notice also on one’s own behalf (option 1) or reject the termination notice on their behalf (option 2). If the tenant rejects the termination notice, a new rental agreement is created for the remaining tenant, which does not include the tenant who will move out. This new agreement  is always terminated by AYY immediately based on Section 22 of the regulations.

The remaining tenant has the following options:

  1. To also terminate one’s own rental agreement (1 month notice, no urgency scores for AYY’s shared apartments).
  2. To stay and live in the apartment alone for 3/6 months and be responsible for the entire rent. Since a new agreement is always created and terminated automatically, you do not have to do anything particular if you want to stay and live in the apartment on your own. You are free to take a sub-tenant to live in the apartment during the termination period. You also can get the urgency points for AYY single room apartments. Please apply for these points when creating the application in Domo for single room apartments.
  3. To do a friend swap. You can do the friend swap at any time, as long as the apartment has not yet been offered to new housing applicants and a new lease has not been signed for the apartment. See the instructions and restrictions below.

You can do the friend swap, if

  • the tenant has lived in the apartment for at least six months

In the friend swap, eligible tenants for family or friend apartments are only

  • persons who already live in AYY’s apartment as primary tenants.

This is based on the fact that new tenants for AYY’s apartments are always chosen from the queues. In a friend swap, we can only move tenants who already live in AYY’s apartments and the swap cannot be used to skip the queue to AYY’s apartments.This means that all new tenants have to comply with the normal application and queuing procedure.


If you know immediately that you want to do a friend swap and you already have a suitable friend for this purpose: 

Please do not reply to termination notice on your behalf. Submit a new application with your friend in Domo, which is directed at the apartment in question. After this, please let the housing office know that you want to do a friend swap. The housing office will take care of the termination, application and the preparing of a new lease at the same time.

If you maybe want to do a friend swap at some point but do not have a suitable friend yet:

Please reject the termination notice on your behalf. After this, you can start to look for a new friend and live in the apartment alone (option 2). As soon as you have found a suitable friend for the swap, please apply for the apartment and contact the housing office, which will take care of the matter. The sooner you take care of the friend swap, the more likely the apartment will not be offered to new applicants.

All exceptions to rules relating to friend swaps are made by the Housing Committee based on a separate application. Further information on the Housing Committee and instructions on how to make the application are available here.