Flaws and Defects

Standard notice of defect

With standard defects, such as a broken door lock, leaking taps or a broken light in the mirror cabinet, please contact the maintenance company of the building.

The contact information of the maintenance company is available on the notice board of the building or here.

Unusual defects and deficiencies in the apartment, painting of the apartment

When moving in to the apartment, the tenant is liable to check the condition of the room and movable property and notify AYY about any detected deficiencies and defects by using this form.

With issues concerning unusual defects and deficiencies detected at other times or the painting of apartments, please contact the Student Union’s Building Contractor Hannes Helminen, firstname.lastname@ayy.fi, 050 589 7519.

Building repairs and major renovations

The Student Union’s housing stock consists of both new and old buildings. Renovations and major repairs are in progress all the time and, unfortunately, they sometimes cause noise and disturbance to living. Residents are always informed about renovations in advance.

Repairs do not entitle to a discount on rent unless they cause significant harm to living. In other words, the resident is only entitled to a discount on rent if repair work is done in the apartment and it causes significant noise, odour or dust damage to normal living, or if the apartment is not wholly or partly in use due to repair work.

If the building repairs cause particular harm to living or you want to make a comment on the contractor’s actions, please contact the Student Union’s Property Manager Esa Markkanen (firstname.lastname@ayy.fi, 050 342 8393) immediately prior to any other measures.

If you suspect that the apartment or movable property is damaged during repair work, it is necessary to invite the Student Union’s representative to the apartment to state the damage before any other measures. In urgent cases, it is advisable to at least photograph the damage so that the Student Union has the opportunity to state it objectively.