Exchange Studies and AYY’s Housing

AYY’s residents are offered good benefits during their student exchange or military service. This page provides information on how exchange studies, study-related internship abroad and the completion of military service have effect on AYY’s housing.

The period used for exchange studies or military service extends the right of residence in AYY’s apartments if:

  1. student does not live in AYY’s housing during exchange studies or military service
  2. student has lived in AYY’s housing, but terminates the rental agreement for the period of student exchange or military service
    1. except when there are children in the household, when AYY’s rental agreement does not have to be terminated in order to extend the right of residence
  3. student subleases AYY’s apartment for AYY’s member for the period of student exchange or military service

In order to extend the right of residence period, you always need to deliver a certificate on the completion of student exchange, internship or military service. Subleasing is entirely organised through Domo system, where you submit an unambiguous certificate provided by the school on the completed student exchange.

The right of residence period is granted for the duration of student exchange, intership or military service, one month for one month (full months).

You do not have to terminate AYY’s rental agreement for the period of student exchange. If you live in a family apartment, for example, your spouse can stay in the apartment during the student exchange. In this case, however, the right of residence is consumed during the student exchange.

Termination of rental lease for the period of student exchange 

If you terminate your rental agreement for the period of student exchange, AYY promises to provide you with a similar apartment when you return to Finland. AYY aims to offer you as a similar apartment as possible. However, if there are no studios available on Arkadiankatu when you return, we cannot provide one for you, regardless of the fact that you have previously lived in such an apartment.

You are most likely to receive a preferred apartment when you let AYY know about your return on time. According to the regulations, you must submit the notification no later than one month before your return. However, in practice, you should report your return at least two months before you need the apartment. Otherwise we might not find a suitable apartment for you.

In brief:

  1. Terminate your rental agreement on time

    1. 1 month notice period also applies to this case 
    2. Example: if you leave on 1 Sept for your student exchange and want to terminate your rental agreement by the beginning of September, you must give notice during July.


  2.  Fill in an application for a new apartment on time!
  3. In your application, please mention that you will return after student exchange/military service and apply for an apartment as a returning resident
  4. Include the date by which you need the apartment
  5. Once your application has been approved, it should be very near the beginning of the waiting list. If you apply for the apartment as a returning resident but your application seems to be at the end of the waiting list, please contact the housing office!