Exchanging Keys Between Tenants

Residents can agree to hand over the apartment and the apartment keys to the next tenant by using the following form: key exchange agreement.

Please review the agreement carefully before signing. With this form, the new resident receives the apartment in the condition in which the apartment is at the moment of signing the agreement. After this, the responsibility for cleaning and the condition of the apartment will be fully passed to a new tenant. This means that if the new resident finds a massive hole on the wall or notices that the toilet has not been cleaned at all after returning the agreement, the former resident is no longer responsible for these deficiencies.

If the new tenant considers that the apartment is not in a satisfactory condition when examining the apartment, the key exchange agreement should not be signed. The new resident is always entitled to take over the apartment by 12noon on the moving day. If the clock is already nearly noon on the moving day but the new resident is not satisfied with the condition of the apartment, please agree on the situation separately with the housing office. Also in this case, the key exchange agreement with the new tenant should not be signed, unless the condition of the apartment is approved as such.

If the key exchange agreement is signed and returned to the housing office, the deposit amount is returned to the former resident and the apartment is under the new tenant’s responsibility and control from the moment when the agreement is signed.

The leaving resident should return the agreement to AYY. If the agreement is not returned in time, the agreement is void and the former tenant has full financial responsibility for the expenses caused by cleaning or any renovations to the apartment. Therefore, in terms of the leaving resident’s legal protection, it is advisable that the leaving resident submits the form to AYY.