How to Apply

There is only a limited amount of emergency housing spaces available and it is meant for people who have absolutely no other options on where to sleep. Unfortunately, we are not able to make any advanced reservations for the emergency housing since the situation is changing every day and we cannot estimate the actual availability of the emergency housing much in advance.

  • If 1-3 working days before arriving to Finland you have not found any place to sleep, please contact Emergency Housing Coordinator and we will try to arrange a place in the emergency housing for you. You can get a place in the emergency housing maximum for 2 weeks. After that the right of occupancy is given to the next person in queue.
  • Emergency housing is available only from 15.8.2019 until 2.10.2019.
  • If a student who lives in the emergency accommodation has an absolutely exceptional situation and there is no other person queuing for his or her place, the 2 weeks’ lease contract might be continued for two more weeks. In this case the rent increases (see prices).
  • Housing Office cannot guarantee availability of emergency housing place for you especially when we are approaching the beginning of the study year.
  • Students staying at the emergency housing are encouraged to ACTIVELY look for a more permanent accommodation. You can get advice on accommodation search from these pages. Also feel free to contact Emergency Housing Coordinator for help and guidance.
  • Emergency housing is extremely modest. You will have to share a small room with many people.